Are You a Tezos developer? Tezos Commons Wants to Hear From You

Take a short survey, and let the TC team know how they can build a better ecosystem for you


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Tezos is growing, and the chain needs developers. If you’re an experienced Tezos developer, a beginner, or you’re just curious, the team at has launched a short 7-question survey aimed at learning more about you.

[Click here to take the survey](help encourage onboarding and adoption.)

The survey should only take a minute or so to complete, and the TC team will use responses to help encourage developer onboarding and increase adoption.

About Tezos Commons:

Tezos Commons is a US-based non-profit organization that works to advance the Tezos ecosystem and grow the global Tezos Community. Tezos Commons publishes ‘The Baking Sheet’ - a weekly newsletter highlighting the most interesting news and events from within the Tezos ecosystem.