Academy by Blind Gallery Launches With Support from the Tezos Foundation

Blind Gallery Announces "Academy by Blind Gallery": A Trailblazing Educational Platform for Blockchain Art powered by Tezos


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Blind Gallery, an innovative gallery in the digital art space, proudly announces “Academy by Blind Gallery.” This state-of-the-art educational platform is dedicated to fostering expertise in blockchain art, catering to a wide audience that includes artists, curators, gallerists, collectors, art dealers, and academic institutions.

As a part of Blind Gallery, which has collaborated with over 70 blockchain artists and esteemed Tezos marketplaces like fx(hash) and, Academy by Blind Gallery offers asynchronous educational material, allowing students to learn at their own pace. The platform stands out by enabling experts and educators in the field to create and contribute their own courses, enriching the learning experience with diverse perspectives and insights.

Founded by Kaloh (Hugo Santana), known for Kaloh’s Newsletter and Kaloh’s Podcasts, the Academy aims to bridge the gap between art and technology. Kaloh’s Newsletter, a bestselling Substack publication with over 10,000 readers, reflects Kaloh’s deep understanding and passion for blockchain art, which remain foundational to the Academy.

A unique feature of Academy by Blind Gallery is its approach to recognizing student achievement. Upon completing courses, students will be awarded certificates in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), blending the world of education with the innovative technology of the blockchain.

“With the launch of Academy by Blind Gallery, we are not just creating an educational platform; we are building a community where knowledge about blockchain art is accessible, engaging, and continuously evolving,” stated Kaloh. “We are especially excited about our unique certification approach using NFTs, which we believe will add significant value and recognition to our students’ learning journey.”

The platform has been generously funded by the Tezos Foundation and will be exclusively built on the Tezos blockchain. Tezos has consistently been recognised as the blockchain for artists, with a vibrant creator community and illustrious institutional partners such as the Serpentine in London and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

“The Tezos Foundation is proud to support through its financial initiatives the innovative entrepreneurs of Blind Gallery in their education vision, Academy by Blind Gallery, aiming at bridging Art and Technology. The Academy by Blind Gallery will be a vital resource for art professionals looking to learn more about the web3 space and Tezos as the blockchain for arts and culture,” said Jean-Frédéric Mognetti, Executive Director of the Tezos Foundation.

Blind Gallery actively seeks educators and experts interested in creating course material. This invites individuals passionate about blockchain art and education to contribute to this groundbreaking platform. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out here for more information.

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