Block Born is Taking Tezos Gaming to a New Level

A closer look at Block Born, a ‘gamified’ platform that highlights the biggest web3 gamers on Tezos.

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By William McKenzie


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In case you haven’t noticed, NFTs and gaming are the talk of the town on Tezos. As some might say, it does cause some confusion that the statement isn’t more readily known.

Nevertheless, let’s learn more about the work Block Born is doing for gaming on Tezos.

Meet Block Born #

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Block Born is a gamified platform for the Tezos ecosystem. Block Born was born from Misfits Gaming, a well-known e-sports organization with a reach of over 70 million people and partnerships with Intel and Ellesse to name a few.

With a $10M budget for their Tezos gaming incubator fund, they have been deploying resources and capital into gaming projects on Tezos rapidly. Acting as a “blockchain arm” for Misfits Gaming, the Block Born platform provides a variety of resources beyond just cash flow for prospective gaming projects.

We had Will Pazos, SVP of Block Born on TezTalks recently and he explained what the incubator is designed to do.

We essentially exist to help foster the gaming activity that happens on Tezos. This is both in a competitive sense with our battle pass and tournament software we’re building and also more from a funding perspective. We have a $10M fund with the Tezos Foundation targetting small indie projects, games, and anyone who is touching anything gaming on Tezos.

On the product side, it’s really building tools to empower game developers to attach things like battle passes and tournaments to take their games to the next level. Doing this adds that user engagement element, a reason for someone to come back every day to play. It’s hard enough to build a game, it’s also tough to go out and create all the tools necessary to make that game interesting outside of the core game loop.

As part of the incubator piece and funding side, we’re working to put together a launchpad… We’re looking at creating a platform where people can open up their game and see user generated content.

If it’s gaming and it’s on Tezos, Block Born is here to bring it to life. They’ve been busy doing just that, offering a new ‘Battle Pass’ for several supported games, giving out thousands in prizes, bounties, and more.

After all, what better place to build games on other than Tezos?

Gaming on Tezos #

Imagine spending countless hours or even years on a game just to have all that work stored on a server that you don’t own and disappear when you get a new device or account. What if there was a way to reclaim ownership of your dat, achievements, and gaming journey?

Luckily, blockchain enables this very idea.

This is also the grand vision of Block Born and why they’ve started funding teams and ideas for gaming applications on Tezos.

The fruits of those labors are starting to manifest themselves in conjunction with Tezos starting to get the recognition for gaming it clearly deserves.

Block Born has recently introduced a new battle pass feature for games such as Circuit Breaker and Might’n Mow’em. Support for Tezotopia is expected soon, but the battle pass functions similar to popular ones available in games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc.

Essentially, it represents a tiered reward system for players who play games and complete specific challenges. This approach is pretty neat as it’s taking bounties and making them fun in the form of quests and in-game achievements.

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Source: Block Born

From December 5-31, 2022, Season Zero kicks off and players can utilize the battle pass feature for free on their favorite Tezos based games that are currently supported.

To activate your battle pass, simply head over to the site and get started!

Block Born is also offering exclusive cash prizes as well. This month, $10,000 in prizes were paid out for a Neonz body art tattoo competition. More prizes have already been announced in conjunction with the battle pass.

So, get out there and start playing!

Looking Forward #

It should be clear at this point that web3 isn’t just a buzz word. For gaming and NFT applications, we’re seeing traditional web2 organizations and companies coming over to blockchain and not only provide financial means — but dig in and build on the ground floor. Block Born is a prime example indicating the potential for gaming applications within the web3 world.

As this space continues to grow and mature, it will be exciting to see how gaming evolves and the role in which decentralized networks such as Tezos will play in shaping it. I can’t wait to see how this space develops and in the meantime I will be racing in Circuit Breaker and more.