PvP Shooting Game Chestnut Launches on Tezos

To mark the March 29 launch date, the play-to-earn game is holding a challenge where players can compete for a chance to win tez.

By Thiago Earp


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Chestnut Launch Blog Cover

Chestnut is a fast-paced player-versus-player shooting game with play-to-earn mechanics that’s making its debut on the Tezos mainnet on March 29.

To celebrate the milestone, the publishers are holding a tournament-like event where players can freely join and test their skills against each other for a chance to win tez.

The game’s founder, Jerome Renaux, has chosen Tezos as a blockchain platform because of its high-performance and the supportive environment for developing his project:

We are very excited to see our game Chestnut officially launch on the Tezos network. The teams working on Tezos have been of great help in supporting the development of the game and the Tezos blockchain proved to be a great match for our project. This will be the first of many events organized for Tezos players, and we plan to make each of them more exciting than the last one!

– Jerome Renaux, founder

The game #

Chestnut is a browser-based third-person, PvP shooting game with play-to-earn mechanics.

The game consists of an open map where monsters and players meet and shoot at each other in a chaotic, fast-paced battleground.

The objective is to take as many monsters (and other players) as possible to an early grave by shooting them with arrows - all the while not expiring yourself.

Players move around using the keyboard, while aiming and shooting using their mouse or trackpad. They can also buy items to help them in their fights, such as healing potions.

The publishers aim to keep a flurry of events and competitions to stir things up.

How to get started #

To play Chestnut, you must first have a Tezos wallet, such as Kukai or Temple - you can even use MetaMask if you set it up for Tezos.

  1. Head to the Chestnut website;
  2. Click on Connect wallet and pick your wallet of choice;
  3. Click on Start game

From there, you can either practice on your own or join live and upcoming events.

Launch competition #

The launch event will take place on Friday, March 29, from 17h UTC.

The competition will take place in-game, and will last for as long as there are monsters to kill on the map - usually around 30 minutes. The actual duration depends on the number and skill of players (more players mean monsters are killed faster). There’s no limit to the number of players.

Rules are very basic: it’s a free-for-all where everyone can shoot at everyone else.

If you kill a monster, you get some tez in proportion to your contribution to the kill. If you kill a player, you get all the tez they are carrying.

When you get killed, you lose all your tez and respawn somewhere in the map. You can respawn and try again as often as you want.

In order to claim the tez you earn, you’ll need to successfully exit the map without being killed. You can then go back to the event for more. You can do that as many times as you want for as long as the event lasts.

The prize pool for the event consists of 50 tez.

To be continued #

According to Renaux, “this will be the very first of a long series of events where players can freely join and compete to earn tez.” His team is also committed to keeping a finger to the pulse of players and delivering new features based on community feedback.

To keep up-to-date with the game and upcoming events, you can join their Discord server and follow them on Twitter/X.

Try it out #

Interested in taking Chestnut for a spin and getting some practice before the big day? Just head to the game’s website and get started today!