NFT Game Cricket Stars Crosses 5k Monthly Players Mark

Check out how this Tezos-based cricket game crossed the 5k monthly active players mark and why its developers expect meteoric growth over the next months.

By Thiago Earp


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Cricket Stars 5K Active Players Mark

Cricket Stars, the NFT game based on Tezos and India’s first strategy-based NFT cricket game, has hit the milestone of over 5k+ monthly active users with more than 12k NFT transactions on the Tezos blockchain in January 2024.

Officially released in November 2023, the game follows the path of trivia game Coin Blast in elevating the experience across the ever-growing gaming ecosystem on Tezos.

Just the beginning #

With millions of games competing for the attention of players, achieving milestones like this requires not just a quality product, but also good planning and an effective marketing strategy.

Cricket Stars developer GoLive Games Studio has been running multiple marketing campaigns in parallel, such as college festivals, collaborations with influencers, and gamer networks like IndiGG and STAN.

And with the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament, GoLive is even more ambitious about their game’s growth trajectory.

The company also plans to scale the game’s tournament feature with bigger online tournaments, and to add offline tournaments in various cities.

“With the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) Cricket tournament, we anticipate substantial growth, projecting a 2-3x increase month-on-month till April, and an overall 8-10x growth in the span of just three months.” stated Ravi Kiran, the CEO of GoLive Games Studios.

Web3 gaming powered by Tezos #

Cricket Stars joins a growing pantheon of web3 games that chose Tezos as their underlying blockchain infrastructure.

With low fees and high performance, Tezos is perfectly suited to power any game’s growth and take web3 gaming to the next level.

“The support [from the Tezos community] during the development phase was phenomenal, allowing us to provide one of the best user experiences for Web3 games. The Tezos technology itself is highly stable, scalable, and very reliable. This has helped in improving trust among players and improved the conversion ratio of free-to-play users to NFT owners,” said Ravi Kiran.

About Cricket Stars #

Cricket Stars is a free-to-play sports card game that offers a unique blend of strategy and cricket gameplay.

The game allows players to collect cricket skills as playing cards, which they can upgrade and trade to evolve their strategies and showcase their gaming proficiency in a real-time player-vs-player esports mode.

Sounds like fun? Then join thousands of players and field the cricketer in you. Download Cricket Stars at the Google Play store and start playing today.

About GoLive Games #

GoLive Games Studios is a mid-core strategy games studio and publisher with an engine to build mid-core games rapidly and a suite of tools to manage the live operations of games effectively. They’ve built three strategy games with three more in the pipeline across different genres. As a publisher, they have a unique community-driven publishing strategy with e-sports as a key driver of engagement. Their portfolio of games has seen more than 3 million users and is quickly becoming a force in the Web3 games space.