Tezos Fuels DeFi Innovation: Highlights of DCA in Singapore

Explore the highlights of the DeFi Catalyst Accelerator in Singapore, showcasing six teams' innovations on Etherlink and Tezos, shaping the future of DeFi.


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DeFi Catalyst Accelerator (DCA) has recently completed its initial two-week onboarding program in Singapore which is followed by a four-week fully remote program for participants worldwide. The onboarding phase provided an opportunity for participants to meet with industry experts, mentors, and investors to form valuable connections and collaborations that could help their DeFi projects succeed.

DCA has brought together six teams of early-stage innovators to develop the next generation of DeFi applications on the Tezos ecosystem. It aims to accelerate the development of projects on Etherlink, an EVM-compatible L2 rollup being built on Tezos.

During these initial two weeks, the startups were equipped with essential skills in design fundamentals, go-to-market strategies, and growth tactics. These valuable insights enabled them to create innovative and competitive strategies for their respective projects.

The six DeFi innovators taking part in DCA are:

Week 1: Charting new territories #

The accelerator began with welcome drinks and pizza to create a friendly atmosphere for future collaborations. The startups then participated in a series of workshops and masterclasses tailored to prepare them for their journey ahead.

In addition to group workshops, each project received personalized support and tailored assistance, including rapid audits and strategic guidance on future trajectories.

During their breaks, the startups worked on their projects and attended events that drew prominent figures within the industry, including a Singapore web3 Startup Ecosystem panel co-hosted by SMU, a leading university in Singapore—featuring luminaries from GSR, Caladan, ByteTrade, and Pendle.

To conclude a week of events, sessions, and discussions, each team pitched their ideas to fellow buidlers, investors and the ecosystem at an extended breakfast co-hosted by GSR.

Week 2: Amplifying growth strategies #

As they developed and refined their projects, the second week focused on fortifying foundations, optimizing investment propositions, and amplifying growth strategies, spearheaded by Trilitech’s head of VC, Amar Odedra.

Workshop sessions delved into diverse facets of DeFi, UI/UX design, tokenomics, and platform gamification, supplemented by invaluable one-on-one support from industry experts and community advisors.

Design support #

GTM strategies and growth tactics #

DCA’s first two weeks in Singapore concluded with networking at a VC dinner, facilitating connections between the startups and investors. This was followed by an overview of Etherlink’s roadmap and the positive growth of the ecosystem to set the stage for the weeks ahead.

DCA advances with ongoing support and development #

After completing a rigorous and hands-on in-person component in Singapore, DCA continues with four weeks of remote workshops and specialized support.

Thanks to the valuable expertise of everyone involved, the DeFi innovators have made strides toward delivering a minimum viable product for their respective projects.

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