Important Changes to the Tezos Foundation’s Funding Application Process

The Tezos Foundation is making changes to grant and investment applications to streamline the process and result in better funding outcomes for applicants.

Originally published at Tezos Foundation Blog


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At the Tezos Foundation, our mission is clear: to foster innovation and drive the long-term success of the Tezos blockchain ecosystem.

With this in mind, we are excited to announce changes to grant and investment applications that will streamline the process and result in better funding outcomes for applicants. The changes were made following feedback from the community and ecosystem adoption teams.

So what are the changes?

Pre-application support #

Throughout the second quarter of 2024, we are introducing educational tools to aid applicants create submissions that best convey the key information we need to decide whether to support a project.

Last year only 8% of grant applications and an even lower number of investment applicants were successful. The majority of rejected applicants didn’t submit a completed application form and/or were not aligned with the needs of the Tezos ecosystem.

Potential applicants will have access to additional guidance on how to format their proposal, what information to include, and how to align their project with the goals of the Tezos blockchain adoption teams.

Additionally, prospective applicants can seek office hours support from relevant experts at the Tezos Foundation and ecosystem adoption teams at Trilitech and Nomadic Labs.

Here, applicants can gain valuable insights, advice, technical support, and mentorship tailored to their project, helping them refine their proposal and address any potential concerns or gaps while preparing submissions.

Investments: closure of open application form #

Starting April 2nd, we will be closing the call for investment proposals published on the Tezos Foundation website.

This decision has been made against the background of both the limited success rate of investment applications and feedback from our ecosystem adoption teams.

Moving forward, the identification of potential investment opportunities will be initiated by TF and ecosystem adoption team members.

Grant Program: Quarterly Review Cycle #

Lastly, starting April 2nd, we are shifting from a continuously open grant program to a quarterly review cycle, allowing for more focused support and improved application quality.

Importantly, applications can still be submitted at any time. There will however, now be a concentrated review process at the close of each quarter.

The changes replace the current rolling review process and allows for a more streamlined evaluation and better comparison between applications. The details of the new process are shown on the updated Tezos Foundation website.

We encourage you all to submit grant applications. We want to help as many people as possible explore and build on the Tezos blockchain.