Glenfiddich and Obvious Collaborate To Raise Awareness For The Rivers Trust

A closer look at the AI and generative art collection from Obvious and Glenfiddich geared towards raising awareness of river conservation.

By William McKenzie


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The Tezos ecosystem is well-known for its artistic and NFT community. From collaborations alongside ecosystem organizations with the likes of Evian, Papa John’s, GAP, and many others, the Tezos blockchain has become the proud home for many famous brands to embark on their web3 journey.

The recent collaboration between Glenfiddich and Obvious adds another household brand to that list, all while supporting a great cause such as river conservation. Let’s highlight what The Rivers Trust is, the generative art collection, and how you can participate.

What is The Rivers Trust? #

The Rivers Trust is an umbrella organization for 65 Rivers Trust members across Britain and Ireland, focusing on river conservation. They work towards a vision of wild, healthy, natural rivers valued by all. In terms of funding, they rely on donations, projects, partners, and grants to fund their efforts.

The Trust leads initiatives to protect and improve rivers, driven by data and evidence to create positive environmental change, and collaborates to achieve these goals.

One of those initiatives is Buffer+, a project focused on restoring peatlands across five Northwest European countries, including Ireland. This project aims to restore the capacity of the peatlands to buffer water and carbon, addressing climate change through practical and economically viable methods.

As part of the collaboration with Glenfiddich and the artistic collective known as Obvious, proceeds from an NFT collection on fx(hash) will support The Rivers Trust cause while showcasing Glenfiddich’s rich history and processes.

Let’s dive deeper into the collaboration and discuss how you can participate in supporting a great cause.

The Glenfiddich and Obvious Collaboration #

Obvious is an artistic collective of researchers, artists, and friends exploring AI applications in creativity and creative expression. They are also well-known for selling the first AI artwork through a major auction house, Christie’s.

By invitation from Glenfiddich, the Obvious collective has released an AI and generative art collection called Morphometric Fields on fx(hash). The collection integrates AI image generation and generative art to explore the intersection of art, science, nature, and mathematics.

The work uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to create AI-generated antlers based on structural analysis of natural antlers.

The creation process involves generative algorithms that use the intersections of horns as rotation centers, leading to the emergence of flow fields. The resulting generated antlers symbolize the mathematical aspects of nature’s rules that humans can understand and draw inspiration from.

Check out Obvious’s X thread for a complete representation of this process.

How Can I Participate? #

The collection contains up to 305 unique pieces, which can be minted for 115 tez on the fx(hash) platform or purchased with a credit card through Winter (payment processor).

If you want to use tez but haven’t yet created a Tezos wallet, check out my previous publication for how to get started. Here’s what you need to do next:

Here’s a massive cheers to Obvious and Glenfiddich for their philanthropic and innovative creations!