Highlighting Coin Blast: A Competitive Gaming Platform on Tezos

A closer look at Coin Blast and its friendly competitive games like Trivia Cash, enabling users to compete and win prizes by answering trivia questions.

By William McKenzie


600 words, 3 minute read

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Lately, we’ve seen a continued trend on those building games on Tezos. To that end, it’s clear that gaming is becoming an increasingly focal component within the Tezos ecosystem and also the broader web3 space.

In this article, we’ll dive into the latest addition to the Tezos gaming front; a new platform on Tezos called Coin Blast which has recently surpassed 12k MAUs!

Coin Blast is a gaming platform that utilizes the Tezos blockchain for its various games that are playable on the web or mobile Android devices. Currently, there is one game called Trivia Cash that is playable for users. There are also two others in the works: “Clash of Critters” and “Slime Dash”.

Trivia Cash is a trivia game within the Coin Blast platform where users answer multiple-choice questions across a wide range of topics. Players must pick one of the several rooms to start playing the game. Each game consists of multiple-choice questions that must be answered within a specific timeframe. The game continues until a player makes a mistake, runs out of time, or completes all 12 trivia questions.

Similar to what we’ve seen in the Blockborn ecosystem with their battle passes, Coin Blast will soon provide tournaments and weekly challenges for users to compete to win in-game and real money prizes.

It’s worth noting that the game itself focuses on India-based trivia, so if you’re outside the region, you may not be familiar with some of the questions. Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at the Trivia Cash game and how you can start playing it today.

Win Prizes by Answering Trivia Questions #

By visiting the Coin Blast site, users can log in on an Android device or desktop by connecting their Tezos wallet or using a social handle like Facebook, Google, or Apple, etc. It’s important to note that only fiat currency deposits are possible with a social handle login.

After logging in, players can deposit tez or fiat currency under the deposit tab. If you prefer to play without depositing, you can directly access the game. Once in the game, you’ll find different game rooms, such as the “Quick Quiz” room, which uses in-game coins, and a different one requiring tez or fiat.

In each room, you will have roughly 10 seconds to answer a series of 12 different questions across a range of different topics. The game offers some help if you end up getting stuck through the use of “joker cards”. During each game, you’ll have the opportunity to use them in the form of answering the question twice, eliminating 2 wrong answers, or skipping the question entirely.

The goal of the game is to answer as many questions as possible correctly and earn the highest score. As long as you have sufficient funds or in-game coins, there are no limits to how many games you can play. Trivia Cash is a very addictive and fun way to get immersed in the Tezos community. Don’t just take my word for it, go and try it today!

Looking Forward #

As the Tezos ecosystem continues to evolve and new games keep being released, it’s clear that the gaming space around Tezos is continuing to grow. Looking ahead, Coin Blast’s expansion with new games like “Clash of Critters” and “Slime Dash” indicates a promising future for the platform. Like I said, don’t just take my word that this is a fun game, go give it a try and see for yourself!