Highlighting Tezos At The Eth London 2023 Hackathon

A closer look at ETH London 2023 and Tezos' presence at the hackathon as a gold sponsor.

By William McKenzie


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Highlighting Tezos At The Eth London 2023 Hackathon image 1

From October 27-29th, for the first time since 2020, the Eth London Hackathon returned to London, UK. Organized by Encode Club and Eth London, the event brought together a diverse group of participants who were all competing for a substantial prize pool.

In this article, we’ll highlight Tezos’ presence at the event as a gold sponsor and some of the projects that were awarded during the three-day event.

Showcasing Tezos In Real Time #

Highlighting Tezos At The Eth London 2023 Hackathon, image 2

As we all know, there’s no better way to get people excited about blockchain than by offering them a competition with prizes as incentives. On that note, what better place to start than at Eth London?

The picture taken above shows members of TriliTech and the Tezos booth at Eth London, which was conveniently set up right next to the entrance of the main hall. As developers and participants entered the main room, they were greeted by the Tezos booth immediately upon arrival.

During the event, members of the developer success team at TriliTech offered a variety of merchandise. From t-shirts to mugs to tote bags, there were plenty of goodies for curious people making their way through the venue.

Highlighting Tezos At The Eth London 2023 Hackathon, image 3

When people came to pick up the merchandise at the booth, they were asked to fill out a quick form to provide some background on the demographics of those visiting and participating in the hackathon. In conjunction with this, the TriliTech team offered bounties for different Tezos based projects.

Highlighting Tezos At The Eth London 2023 Hackathon, image 4

On opening day, Sasha Aldrick of TriliTech introduced the bounties and Tezos’ presence on the main stage. The next day, Claude Barde of TriliTech gave a 25-minute talk on the developer stack on Tezos. By Sunday, there were 11 submissions for bounties, and the best three were awarded.

The bounties offered centered around four categories:

Ultimately, three of those four categories were utilized to select three different projects to win approximately $2,500 each. The categories selected were Best SmartPy Project, Best DeFi Application, and Best Project Integrating Taquito & Beacon SDK.

For the first category and best SmartPy project, Predictez was selected as the winner. Built using SmartPy, Predictez functions as a proof of concept prediction market platform on Tezos. It utilizes two main smart contracts: the Predictez prediction market allows users to place bets on a wide array of topics, and the validity of those assertions is finalized by the Predictez optimistic oracle.

For the second category and best DeFi application, Minty Code was chosen as the winner. Minty Code is a decentralized marketplace for software creators. Lastly, for the final category and best project integrating Taquito and Beacon SDK, 1Up was selected. 1Up is a decentralized social media network on Tezos.

Looking Forward #

The Eth London 2023 Hackathon presented a great opportunity to showcase Tezos in real time to Eth users and other participants who attended the event. After selecting three winners to receive bounties and showcasing Tezos through various panel talks throughout the three-day event, it’s safe to say Tezos had a significant presence among all the other projects involved in the event.