Highlighting the BREATHE! 2023 Convention

A closer look at the BREATHE! 2023 convention that brought together emerging artists, seasoned professionals, and even popular celebrities such as Cuba Gooding Jr.

By William Mckenzie


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As we’ve recently showcased, the Tezos art community is nothing short of amazing and talented. From one event onto the next, the BREATHE! 2023 convention continued the trajectory of bringing Tezos-based art and artists all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the works shown at the convention and the different talented artist highlighted at the event.

Bringing Tezos NFTs to Las Vegas #

On September 13-15, 2023, the BREATHE! convention showcased over 100 different artists and works during the ‘Community Art Showcase’. During the event, not only were digital artists’ works shown, but there were also in-real-life (IRL) artists and even a dedicated Tezos Commons communal wall.

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Source: BREATHE!

Right in the thick of things was a communal world record attempt, championed by Tezos Commons. This display will be migrated to an NFT and will be submitted to Guinness World Records for being the largest communal NFT. Talk about an amazing way to showcase not only the power of art but community.

Presented by 5AM Global, the BREATHE! event was an electrifying fusion of art installations, captivating speakers, and cutting-edge tech on display. But this wasn’t just a mere showcase; it was an immersive journey into the heart of artistic innovation.

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Source: BREATHE!

The Art Garden was another highlight of the event — a unique space curated by some incredible artists. Manny Linx was there with his live art, Jay a.k.a Clearing Karma was tuning into the spiritual realm with his art healing bowl sessions, and Renna showcased some phenomenal live painting. It was like stepping into another realm, with wellness stretches, sound therapy, and DJ sessions. All came with their own blend of amazing talents along with other artists and musical talent.

Speaking of the event, Aaron Vick, who is on the advisory board of BREATHE!, shared a few words about his experience at the event.

BREATHE! is more than a convention. As we navigate this tech-centric era, it’s essential to reconnect with our collective human spirit.

We had a myriad of web3 companies beta launch and test their systems with irl gamification with digital airdrops as well as rejuvenation station to reset yourself as you keep making frens. Chainstarters, NUVO io, and more.

Third Academy is now housing a breathe metaverse for all the digital art curated for the community art showcase that featured hundreds of works across digital screens right in the heart of the event. whether you were headed to see a vip, walking to the main stage or sitting in the lounge, there was the community art. We have galleries like Blackbox, Goat Studios, FutureCraft, Haus of Collage/SuperRare, and Hugs XYZ as well as guest curators like Third Academy w/ Stacy Quackenbush, NiftyKit w/ Leslie Spurlock, Pepe Tezos Dao w/ Pamela Corals, Victoria West, Bryony Shearmur, Brain Cattelle, and Rebecca Rose!!

Brian Steffy, a media photojournalist who was also in attendance at the event, had some comments to share about his experience as well.

The BREATHE! Convention was a pleasant surprise and a breath of fresh air with art, tech and taking a time out to meet brand new best friends.

There were a lot of additional notable attendees who were able to make it to the event. In no particular order, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kelly Bubolz, FedEx blockchain executives, Lori Rodriguez, Sophia the Robot, and even Shelley Berkley were all able to come by and attend this amazing event.

Show Me The Art #

Showcasing over 100 different artists at the BREATHE! convention, we cannot possibly share each and every one of them here. But, there were quite a few posts on social media that I feel are worth pulling for those who were unable to attend the event.

Ray Vagner (Sketchlight) #

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Ray is a talented artist here on Tezos. Focusing on light painting photography elements, their work can be found on OBJKT.

Gul Yildi #

Highlighting the BREATHE! 2023 Convention, image 5

Gul is another talented photographer and multi-disciplinary artist here on Tezos. Her works can be found on OBJKT.

James A. Truett #

Highlighting the BREATHE! 2023 Convention, image 6

James is yet another talented artist here on Tezos. James is also a former AP journalist, pilot, and sailor. Some of his works can be found on OBJKT.

Looking Forward #

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that there’s a vibrant artistic community here on Tezos. Events like the BREATHE! 2023 convention paints an image of the importance of the experience and the art itself. For many of us in the Tezos community, this very idea brought a lot of us together. For the rest of the ecosystem and space, it’s our job to continue to use it to bring more people together with us. I can’t wait to see what the many talented artists on Tezos put together next!