Just Published: The Baking Sheet - Issue #120

In this week's newsletter, an update on Lima, the 12th Tezos upgrade proposal, and some exciting news about Ziggy Marley.


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The team at has just published the latest issue of their weekly newsletter, The Baking Sheet, covering news and announcements from all over the Tezos ecosystem.

Big news in the DeFi space this week that after a long period of testing, Signum, a peer-to-peer NFT lending platform, has launched on Tezos. Signum enables NFT owners to use their NFTs as collateral to get loans in XTZ. And speaking of NFTs, it was announced yesterday that famed musician Ziggy Marley will soon be dropping an NFT series on Tezos, in partnership with popular NFT platform OneOf. Watch out for that on October 17th.

Meanwhile, software engineer Digital Flapjack (aka Michael Dales) has written a detailed article about his experience of working with Tezos smart contracts for the upcoming Cambridge Center for Carbon Credits (4C) project, and we also got an update on Lima, the proposed 12th Tezos protocol upgrade.