Just Published: The Baking Sheet - Issue #112

Issue #112 includes details about Emergents TCG, and a new Tezos-based NFT marketplace for premium art.


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Just Published The Baking Sheet - Issue 112 image 1, a new NFT marketplace for premium art is launching soon on Tezos.

Tezos Commons has just published the latest issue of its weekly newsletter, The Baking Sheet. Issue #112 includes details about Emergents TCG, the new trading card game from Interpop, and the announcement by Eleet Games that it plans to start building Web3 games exclusively on Tezos.

Also in this week’s Baking Sheet, an update on the upcoming ‘’ Tezos upgrade, and an overview of, a new NFT marketplace launching soon on Tezos that offers a premium sales space for selected galleries. Read about all this and more in Issue #112 of The Baking Sheet.

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