Just Published: The Baking Sheet - Issue #118

Among the updates in this week's issue, a new crypto meme-themed video game, from the team at


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The team at Tezos Commons has just published the 118th edition of their weekly Tezos ecosystem newsletter, The Baking Sheet. Among the updates in this week’s issue, news that the 11th Tezos upgrade, Kathmandu, has successfully been implemented. Kathmandu is a scaling-focused upgrade that should pave the way for growth over the coming months.

Also this week, some details on Memecast - an upcoming ‘NFT meme news marketplace’ on Tezos, currently in development by an all-female founder team. And Blockxer, a new crypto meme-themed video game based on classic 90s beat-em-ups, developed by Web3 marketing and communications agency, in collaboration with Well Played Games (full disclosure - Spotlight is operated by Blokhaus). We’ll have more coverage of Blockxer coming soon, and in the meantime the public beta is available to play at Go! Fight!