Just Published: The Baking Sheet - Issue #121

This week, an overview of Tezos Agora, the winners of September's Community Rewards Program, and more.


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Photo by Shubham Dhage / Unsplash

The team at Tezos Commons has just published the latest edition of its weekly Tezos ecosystem newsletter, The Baking Sheet. This week, highlights include an overview of Tezos Agora, an important Tezos community forum for learning and discussion, which also provides ‘an efficient feedback loop for the builders, developers, and teams working on Tezos’.

Also included in this week’s newsletter, an announcement of the September winners in the Tezos Community Rewards Program (CRP). The CRP is administered by Tezos Commons, and every month, up to 5000 tez (worth roughly $6,900 at the time of writing) is distributed to individuals who the community considers made an outstanding contribution to the ecosystem during that month. Nominations are open now for October.

Meanwhile, our very own Marissa Trew sat down with Alex Estorick of Right Click Save to discuss art on the blockchain, in the latest episode of TezTalks Radio. You can watch the full interview here (and look out for a longer article on Spotlight next week).