Just Published: The Baking Sheet - Issue #122

This week in The Baking Sheet, an update on Tezos' presence at the 'State of the Art' exhibition at Paris+, and a new Tezos-based plugin for Shopify.


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Attendees at the ‘State of the Art’ exhibition at Paris+ Par Art Basel, in Paris, France.

The team at has just published the latest edition of their weekly Tezos ecosystem newsletter, ‘The Baking Sheet’. This week, news about Taco, a new plugin for Spotify, which allows store-owners to easily mint and gift NFTs to their customers. Also, a quick look at Tezos’ presence at the Paris+ Par Art Basel show in Paris, and the announcement of, a new Tezos-based platform for fractionalized NFTs, coming soon.

Meanwhile, Tezos co-founders Arthur and Kathleen Breitman appeared on the Ark Invest podcast ‘FYI - For Your Innovation’, in which they discussed rollups, scaling, and why they believe that gaming might be the next big thing that drives blockchain adoption.

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