Just Published: The Baking Sheet - issue #123

This week, it's all about Lima - the 12th proposed Tezos protocol upgrade.


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Tezos Commons has just published the latest issue of its weekly newsletter, The Baking Sheet. Issue #123 focuses on new features being proposed in Protocol Lima, set to be the 12th Tezos protocol upgrade, and which is currently in the voting phase. Perhaps most notable among Lima’s new features are consensus keys and ‘pipelining’. Consensus keys ‘will enable bakers to change their key used for signing blocks and consensus operations, without having to change their public address’. Meanwhile, pipelining, described as ‘a free gain’ by Gabriel Alfour of core development team Nomadic Labs, will speed up consensus operations by reducing the load on nodes on the Tezos network.

In other announcements in this week’s newsletter, the news that Robinhood, the world’s most popular trading app, has listed Tezos, and a reminder that this is the final week for submissions to the current round of nominations for the Tezos Commons Community Rewards Program (CRP). The CRP recognizes and rewards members of the Tezos community who have made the most important contributions during the month, as decided by the community itself. Meanwhile, Tezos Ukraine has published a review of new fractionalized NFT platform

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