McLaren Racing Collective's "McLaren Moments" Redemption is Now Open

Taking a closer look at McLaren Racing Collective's sold-out NFT drop, "McLaren Moments," and their strategic approach to embracing web3 technology.

By William McKenzie


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In case it has escaped your attention, few players in the Web3 arena are making waves like McLaren Racing. Through their NFT collections such as “McLaren Moments” at the forefront, McLaren Racing has garnered significant positive attention.

Having recently sold out their limited NFT collection “McLaren Moments”, participants are now eligible to claim their rewards. In this article, we will dive into the collection’s highlights and explore McLaren Racing’s strategy to attract its fanbase and mainstream audiences to the Tezos blockchain.

What Exactly Are “McLaren Moments”? #

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For Formula 1 afficionados relishing groundbreaking victories and witnessing history unfold has been an integral aspect of their fandom. Since its inception in 1963, as the second oldest and most successful F1 team following the likes of Ferrari, McLaren Racing has accumulated numerous moments deserving of commemoration.

McLaren Moments encapsulates these vital events throughout the team’s history and eternalizes them through a digital format. This format is embodied in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) powered by the Tezos blockchain. Comprising eighteen distinct “moments” from McLaren Racing’s history, these NFTs come with unique attributes and rarities designed for both collectors and fans.

Functioning similarly to traditional real-world collectibles such as trading cards, collectors who have acquired NFT packs on the platform can procure unique attributes through these rarities. Among the 18 moments, there are three tiers of rarity: common, rare, and ultra-rare.

Collectors who accumulate McLaren Moments of a specific rarity and retain them in their Tezos wallet on a specified snapshot date stand the chance to earn rewards. Those who amass all “common” moments are entitled to a digital poster and an exclusive moment. Collectors who possess all “rare” moments not only secure the “common” rewards but also gain access to a call with a McLaren driver. Meanwhile, those who hold all “ultra-rare” moments unlock the aforementioned rewards alongside an exclusive tour of the McLaren Technology Centre.

The McLaren Moments collection delivers an immersive and multifaceted experience, interweaving historical appreciation, interactive engagement, blockchain technology, and exclusive rewards for fans. By embracing these elements, McLaren Moments construct a seamless bridge across the past, present, and future, offering fans the opportunity to submerge themselves in McLaren’s legacy while actively participating in a unique digital encounter.

Introducing Web3 To Formula 1 Enthusiasts #

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McLaren Racing is in the lead of integrating Web3 technology into their strategies to effectively connect with Formula 1 enthusiasts through innovative means. Through a sequence of partnerships, NFT drops, and engagement initiatives, McLaren Racing has effectively harnessed the potential of the Tezos blockchain and NFTs to elevate fan experiences and create a vibrant digital ecosystem.

The voyage into NFTs for McLaren Racing started on October 2021 with the launch of the McLaren Racing Collective platform on the Tezos blockchain. Here, fans can procure NFTs representing distinct components of the MCL35M race car. Subsequent NFT drops included driver cards, virtual racing collectibles, and manga-inspired series commemorating Formula 1 events.

One pivotal hallmark of McLaren’s strategy is their successful implementation of free NFT drops. These events coincide with specific Grand Prix weekends and offer vivid digital posters in NFT format. This strategy has culminated in over 2 million claims for free NFTs across unique wallets, fostering substantial engagement and intrigue.

McLaren’s emphasis on complimentary engagement has precipitated a significant upsurge in registrations for their fan engagement initiative, McLaren Plus. The recent unveiling of “McLaren Moments” serves as a testament to McLaren’s unwavering dedication to the Web3 realm. This series commemorates the team’s 60th anniversary by presenting Tezos based NFTs that depict iconic moments from their storied history. Their utilization of Tezos as their blockchain of choice imparts a layer of reliability and innovation to their endeavors.

Looking Forward #

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McLaren Racing has admirably captured attention through its presence in the Web3 sphere, notably through their NFT collections such as “McLaren Moments.” These digital collectibles, minted on the Tezos blockchain, highlight pivotal moments from the team’s illustrious history in Formula 1. McLaren’s innovative approach seamlessly fuses blockchain technology and NFTs to engross fans. This approach is evident in their strategic partnerships, complimentary NFT drops, and community engagement methods. I can’t wait to see what else McLaren Racing mints on the Tezos blockchain!