MetaPals Bring Teletubbies to Tezos

In their first mint on Tezos, AI digital companion platform MetaPals are launching with 20,000 Teletubbies NFTs based on the iconic children’s series.


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Metapals Teletubbies

Following the announcement of their partnership with WildBrain CPLG, MetaPals are holding an NFT mint event on the Tezos blockchain of a collection featuring the iconic Teletubbies.

The mint will take place on the Metapals website and include a supply of 20,000 unique Teletubby NFTs, each with their own traits, behaviors, and colors.

As with other MetaPals companions, Teletubbies will adapt and grow, mirroring the dynamic nature of human relationships, while blockchain technology guarantees the uniqueness and security of these bonds between the users and their pals.

Based on dynamic smart contracts with custom behavior GIFs, the NFTs will also grant perks to holders, such as early access to new characters and future airdrops.

The launch marks the first MetaPals mint exclusively on the Tezos blockchain.

Max Giammario, CEO of MetaPals:

"Our partnership with Teletubbies leverages the Tezos blockchain to bring these classic characters into the modern digital realm. This integration not only revitalizes beloved figures with advanced AI capabilities but also sets a standard for future innovations in dynamic digital companionship.

By using Tezos, known for its efficiency and adaptability, we ensure that Teletubbies can evolve in real-time, offering users a uniquely interactive experience. This is just the start, as we continue to explore how blockchain technology can deepen user engagement in the MetaPals universe.”

The mint event #

Slated for May 31st, the mint has a supply of 20,000 Teletubby digital companions and accessories with varying rarity, ranging from Uncommon to Epic.

Each Teletubby NFT will pack its uniquely verifiable personality, impacting behavior and gameplay. Accessories - in the form of Tubby Boxes - can be minted after minting the companion itself, and can range from common to epic rarity.

There will be three different types of mint - randomized, hand-picked, and the gang - with prices ranging from $5.99 to $49.99, depending on the player’s tier in the “friends” lists (BFF, BF, or Friend).

Discounts are available, and a special bonus will be available for the first 100 players who spend $50 or more during the mint!

To join the whitelist and secure a spot, join the MetaPals Discord server.

About MetaPals #

MetaPals integrates AI-driven digital companions with blockchain technology through a unique browser extension game engine, creating a dynamic and personalized online interaction experience.

Each MetaPal evolves with its user, offering companionship and practical support across multiple platforms. Drawing inspiration from the classic Tamagotchi game, Metapals features pets with distinct personalities that evolve over time, learning and developing behaviors much like real pets.

With diverse partnerships including characters from Hello Kitty to Axie Infinity, MetaPals offers a rich, engaging environment for all users. This innovative platform not only enhances daily digital activities but also fosters deep, emotional connections, redefining the landscape of virtual companionship.

Metapals was co-founded by Max Giammario (CEO) and Lingga Pradipta (CTO) and the full team already features 20+ (and counting) animators, illustrators, system designers, developers, and more.

How to participate #

To take part in the mint event and adopt your own unique Teletubby, register for the genesis launch before the mint starts, or check out the launch details on the MetaPals website for more details.

Just the beginning #

The partnership with Teletubbies is just the beginning of upcoming launches with third-party brands.

MetaPals is working on expanding its lineup of world-famous franchises, steadily releasing iconic characters and experiences into the digital realm throughout 2024.

To stay up-to-date with all things MetaPals, you can join their Discord server and follow them on Twitter/X.