Minty Fresh: Edition 56

This week, our roundup of the coolest NFTs on Tezos is themed around color.


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Minty Fresh is now on Spotlight, and this week, it’s all about color. Your weekly source of the coolest NFTs on Tezos is ready for the seasons to change; our secret word is “red,” in honor of the leaves that will soon turn colors.

Minty Fresh: Edition 56, image 2

Read on for some amazing artwork that utilizes the color red, found on Teia, Objkt, 8bidou, VerticalCrypto, and fx(hash).

Something bad is 'bout to happen to me
I don’t know it, but I feel it coming

1. Popcorn #

“living for the drama”

*grabs popcorn*

— ᵐᵘᵐᵘ ᵃᵏᵃ ᵐᵒᵒⁿ 🏴🍆 (@mumu_thestan) September 20, 2022

Starting off with just a few pixels of red, courtesy of pixel artist mumu_thestan. In classic Mumu fashion, this playful work is part-pixelated tub of popcorn, part… pixelated cartoon face? It is a joyful, delicious, and, yes, dramatic work that makes you feel like buying a movie ticket. And what could be better in the fall than salty popcorn and a scary movie? Check Mumu’s work on 8bidou.

2. Hermenêutica #

“Mixed media / digital painting… São Paulo / Brazil”

/ Hermenêutica / /
Available on @objktcom

— Rodrigo (@Rod_Caldas) September 19, 2022

Brazilian artist Rodrigo Caldas, who also makes work under the name logbook, has recently started this series of “digital abstractions.” So far, there are five works under the Idios Kosmos series, and each utilizes a similar color palette of red, blue, and yellow, explored by the artist in his other work. The psychedelic feeling of Hermenêutica gives the impression of falling into a digital screen, and the contrast between the bold reds and the soft grays makes it all the more trippy. Explore Hermenêutica and the rest of Idios Kosmos on Objkt.

3. Glimpse into the Future #

“March 24, 2150”

GM happy Wednesday

2150 Glimpse into the future
Let’s get this Sold Out🚀
Price 1.00 ꜩ💞

— infosecmayer.tez🌎✌ (@InfosecMayer) September 21, 2022

Is red the color of the future? It seems to be for AI artist InfosecMayer. Their limited collection, Glimpse into the Future, depicts five different days in March of 2150. On the left side of the frame is a dark, obscured past, evolving into a bright, red and orange flaming future. Five new days, with the sun rising hot and spires piercing the sky. Take a glimpse into the next century on Teia.

4. Übergang / Transition #

“…We humans intuitively understand the energy inherent to transition.”

“Übergang / Transition” by @andreasrau_eu
Edition of 3 - ONLY 1 EDITION LEFT!
680 XTZ

— verticalcryptoart (@verticalcrypto) September 20, 2022

While InfosecMayer sees red as the color of our future, generative artist Andreas Rau sees it as a color of transition. For this work, Rau focuses on the emotions and memory associated with transitions. He attempts to capture these fleeting moments so that we can be better prepared next time a change comes and “recognize the beauty we found in the conversation between the current and the emerging.” Experience the transition on VerticalCrypto.

5. “City Cam” #

“🌅Early morning after party spycam.”

⏲️21/09/2022 approx 02:00 am CEST

“City Cam”

🎲Random weird inner city situations

🧊3D Generative animated drop on @fx_hash_!

📨DM me here or on discord for reserves

— QUBYT ! (@qUBYt2) September 20, 2022

This work from NFT and 3D artist QUBYT is based on camera footage taken between 5:00 and 6:00 AM, outside a train station near an abandoned warehouse where a rave had been thrown. What the viewers know, but the ravers in the footage do not know, is that this station is actually out of service. No train is stopping for them. Watching “City Cam” is like playing a video game with no controllers, or shouting the answer to a game show question at your television. Simultaneously futile, frustrating, and fun. Watch the cam on fx(hash).

6. Perception #

“A deeply personal collection from a sight altering condition that happened to me in June 2022.”

#10 piece from Perception series has just been landed on @objktcom and it’s available for 55 Tez

— PARIN 🦇🔊✍🏼 (@ParinHeidari) September 2, 2022

Ambidextrous Iranian-American artist Parin Heidari created this incredibly personal project as a result of a recent vision impairment she has experienced. As she explains: “Retinal detachment has affected my vision, and these pieces were created by channelling the fragments I can now see.” Perception is a series of 14 abstract images, with varying color palettes but similarly amorphous shapes. It’s a powerful representation of how an artist sees the world. Find it on Objkt.