Minty Fresh: Edition 55

Introducing Minty Fresh, now on Spotlight! Read on for a roundup of the freshest, cleanest Tezos NFTs from this week.


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Introducing Minty Fresh, now on Spotlight! This is your weekly source for the freshest Clean NFTs minted on Tezos each week. Today, our secret word is “tender.” Each of the artworks chosen this week have a deeper, more sentimental meaning or story behind them - something that pulls on the heartstrings and makes your emotional connection to this digital art even stronger.

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Read on for some tender picks from Objkt, fx(hash), Versum, and FeralFile!

Tender is the ghost,
the ghost I love the most
Hiding from the sun,
waiting for the night to come

1. Adrift #

“Adrift is a project that reminds us to make peace with our world - with all worlds - by stepping back to make space for an all-encompassing perspective.”

adrift, created in collaboration with @tender_art, will open for minting in half an hour.

Thank you, everyone, for all the kind words. I hope you will enjoy the piece.#fxhash#CleanNFT#generativeart

— Jacek Markusiewicz (@jMarkusiewicz) September 14, 2022

This work is quite literally tender; it is a collaboration between architect and creative coder Jacek Markusiewicz and the crypto art collective Tender Art. These pseudorandom satellite views of Earth remind us that, ultimately, human connection is all we have. It is not always about the individual, but stepping back to see how we can best serve a collective good. As the artist asks, “Will you look upon all of us here, adrift and fragile together, with love?” Drift with us on fx(hash).

2. Map #

“Let the sound of the water relax you and carry you with it…”

Yeah so I think its time for some bear market soothing of souls, relax back & listen to the gentle movement of the water…#tezos@versumofficial

— Maia Mellier (@MaiaMellier) September 14, 2022

This work from artist and poet Maia Mellier is all about relaxing and taking a moment in your day to find peace. The video work is accompanied by a soothing soundtrack that emulates gentle ocean waves. Mellier also included a short poem, filled with affirmations and mantras such as, “You, like the water, know where you’re going.” Enjoy this meditation on Versum.

3. In Due Time #

“… A reminder that we are more similar than we are different, leveraging homogeneous shapes to create distinctive compositions.”

So happy with my @amber_vittoria x @mwiederrecht generative art piece minted via the Tezos blockchain. This “In Due Time” series reminds us to play, to seek joy, to be present, while we still can.🧡

“In Due Time”
We will all become
Particles dancing
Across the skyline

— CoOkie🍪🌈🤗🐙🔮🪐🦹🏼‍♀️👼🏼👗🌻🎓🧩🙉⚔️💋🤖👹🌼 (@Yanivko) September 15, 2022

Another tender collaboration, this time between artist-poet Amber Vittoria and generative artist Melissa Wiederrecht. This series captures the present moment, using bold colors and unique shapes against a plain, beige background. Across variations, the background stays the same but the position and palette of these amorphous shapes changes. If the shapes represent us, then the series shows the variation of human nature - anyone can be anything, but we are connected through our environments and through living at this point in time. Check out In Due Time on fx(hash).

4. Becoming Illegible (Mirror Studies #1) #

“… An interactive browser-based facefilter.”

Mirror Studies #1, opening on Feral File @FeralFile at 15:00 UTC+0 today as part of Ecotone, an exhibition with the @glitchresidency community curated by @yaoeo , @AlexEstorick , and

— Sarah Friend (@isthisanart_) September 14, 2022

Where the previous works depict tender relationships with our communities and nature, Sarah Friend’s latest release encourages us to have a more tender, sensitive relationship with ourselves. Through these morphed ‘facefilters’, the artist shows the distorted sense of self so many of us have in this day and age. Pairing it with an equally distorted landscape, Becoming Illegible also demonstrates the disconnect we even have with our environments. Find it now on FeralFile, in their third exhibition minted on Tezos.

5. Unsigned #

Various artists, organized and curated by Operator

😘 thanks for including me in this important project: Unsigned by @operator_______
Here’s my signature:

— $tellabelle 🐇 (@stellabelle) September 15, 2022

Unsigned is an ongoing project organized by the art house Operator, led by artists Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti. The series currently has digital signatures from 100 women and non-binary artists and comments on the historic value of a man’s signature in the art world. Traditionally, a male artist’s signature increases the value of the artwork; a women or non-binary artist’s signature decreases the value. Unsigned aims to reverse this by transforming the artists’ signatures into art themselves. Check out this ground-breaking collection on Objkt.

6. Daily Haiku #53 #

For theVERSEverse summer anthology haiku festival

The 53rd #DailyHaiku / haiku #500 on @8scribo is brought to you by #VVanthology22 / @theVERSEverse

— Spu | notes from outside (@SpuTweets) September 9, 2022

Ending on this sweet, hopeful haiku from the poet Spu, as part of theVERSEverse summer anthology haiku festival. Referencing the popular Japanese cat figurine that gives you good luck, this haiku is a little blessing from us to you as the workweek ends. Check it out on 8scribo, a platform dedicated to on-chain haikus.