Minty Fresh: Edition 58

This week, our secret word is "spinning."


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Welcome to Minty Fresh! If you don’t know, this is your weekly roundup of the freshest #CleanNFTs minted on Tezos. This week, our secret word is “spinning.” With so much going on both in the Tezos ecoystem and in the world in general, we’ve found our heads spinning as we scroll Twitter everyday.

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So this is an ode to the excitement, to the playfulness, even to the anxiety, that may have all everyone in a twist! Read on for some spinning NFT selections found on fx(hash), , and .

And this just feels like spinning plates
I’m living in cloud cuckoo land

1. September #

“The Summer Ends…”

A few months ago we surpassed the 1 million mints mark 👏 Now, we’ve reached another huge milestone: 20,000 published projects! 🥳 🍾

Thank you to ALL the artists who made this possible!

Check out project #20000 below - ‘September’ by @teaboswell

— fxhash (@fx_hash_) October 3, 2022

This time, we begin with an ending that doubles as a milestone. September, from generative artist Tyler Boswell is an abstract, geometric ode to summer and marks the 20,000 published project on fx(hash). This series of animations involves these watercolor shapes “spinning” into place with various key commands. The shapes emulate leaves, with the spiral pattern mimicking the path of leaves falling from the trees. The end of summer indeed.

2. Composition #82 (TopologyException) #


Beautiful 1/1 piece by @schwittlick_

— EarthPatriot (@Earthpatriot81) October 6, 2022

Artist Marcel Schwittlick twists and spins geometric shapes into this striking 1 of 1 piece. There is something so comforting about this color palette, the warm familiarity of bright blue and deep purple. Composition #82 could be a tree cutting, a fossil, an aerial topography - maybe all of the above. This is one of several compositions the artist has released recently, each with different colors and shapes, as part of the HENreunion minting party. Check it out on .

3. Organized Mess #

“18 monitors, each displaying one of my NFTs minted on Hic et Nunc.”

Organized Mess
50 ed. / 2tz

18 little monitors trying to make a sense of all this mess.
A little late for the #HENreunion event, but still felt like minting this one.

link in

— BE A STEREOTYPE (@be_a_stereotype) October 3, 2022

As the 3D artist Be A Stereotype wrote in their tweet, the 18 little monitors spinning in the old school computer are “just trying to make sense of all this mess.” Hey, aren’t we all? But you have to love the irony of using a computer to make an artwork about computers having an existential crisis. To top it off, each little monitor shows a previous artwork by Be A Stereotype! So many layers, so much fun to be had. Spin around with them on .

4. Twistings #

“…Explores the beauty & variety that is hidden within the simple math of Archimedean spirals.”

Only 40 minutes until “Twistings” is released on @fx_hash_ 🎉


— Nadieh Bremer (@NadiehBremer) October 3, 2022

Data visualization artist Nadieh Bremer created seven different circular “entities” for this recent generative collection. Each “entity” is brought forward by using slightly different mathematical settings: Drops, Circles, Fireworks, Flowers, Roses, Spirals & Twisters. In some variations, the spiral motion is so dense, the individual circles resemble bubbles; while in others, there is enough space between each component that the circles look like fireworks or spinner toys. Play around with this exciting, colorful collection on fx(hash).

5. Unknown Sitter #

“A contemporary Unknown Sitter has emerged-a portrait of absence…”

Unknown Sitter by @operator_______
1 of 1
Physical + Digital

Reserve: 3000 XTZ
Auction now live

— verticalcryptoart (@verticalcrypto) October 5, 2022

The connection between Unknown Sitter and this week’s theme of “spinning” might seem like a little bit of a reach, but just follow along with us… The curation duo known as Operator (Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti) has released this 1 of 1 portrait, based on their Privacy Portraits installation from July of 2022. In that durational performance, collectors had their portraits taken and anonymized. This anomalous portrait developed with no visible subject. So, speaking philosophically, the Unknown Sitter is a portrait of no one, after cycling - or spinning - through a collection of dozens of real portraits. From everyone, evolving into no one. Check out this incredible piece on .

6. پانی #

“Coppelius for #SavePakistan.”

i just minted a fundraiser piece for #savepakistan … i tiered the prices a bit so you can decide yourself how much you would like to donate:

50e currently between 2-5 #tezos

— merchant coppola (@MerchantCoppola) September 29, 2022

Experimental artist and visual poet Merchant Coppola minted this lush, dripping landscape as part of the #SavePakistan Flood Relief Fundraiser on Teia. This is a beautiful scene, a depiction of the power of Mother Earth to awe us and, potentially, destroy us. 90% of Merchant Coppola’s revenue on this work will be donated to Pakistan flood relief efforts. Learn more on .