Minty Fresh: Edition 59

This time we are focusing on some of the coolest photography NFTs on Tezos, from the abstract, to the journalistic.


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Say cheese! Welcome back to Minty Fresh, a weekly roundup of the freshest Clean NFTs found across the Tezos ecosystem. As you may have guessed, this week’s secret word is “photograph.”

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This time we are focusing on some of the coolest photography NFTs on Tezos, from the abstract, to the journalistic. Read on to see some amazing photos found on , , Kalamint, Versum, and fx(hash).

It’s in the photograph
It’s in the photograph of love

1. Rising #343 #

“This world, the real world that we live in, it is rising…”

Rising #343
1/1 #NFT@objktcom
This world, the real world that we live in it, Is rising Rising, to the Metaverse Somewhere in nowhere#nftcommunity#tezos#objkt

— Rising ᴺᶠᵀ collection (@timetoRising) October 12, 2022

Turkey-based photographer Faraz Habiballahian has created this series, Rising, by photographing iconic landmarks and neighborhoods around the world. In the latest iteration, he focuses on scenes from Istanbul, St. Petersburg, and Moscow - the city shown in the photo above. Habiballahian’s work is surreal, a clear depiction of society’s evolution from the IRL to the URL, a stark transition from our universe into the metaverse. Check it out on .

2. Microcosm 01 #

“Vaccinium vitis-idaea”

good morning 🌱

— Mary Stark (@mrystark) October 13, 2022

Photographer and artist Mary Stark uses her camera as a microscope - zooming in on the small parts of nature that we may miss in our everyday life. Here, she captures a whole ecosystem of tiny plants and morning dew just in one frame. Looking at her work, you’ll never take a walk through nature for granted again. Microcosm 01 is the perfect reminder to slow down. Find it on Versum.

3. Withered and Forgotten #

“How could I possibly grow into a flower…”

“Withered and Forgotten”

How could I possibly
grow into a flower
after you
have deprived my earth of water
and cemented my fertile soil?
💜 6/10 editions
💜 5 XTZ

— Maral 🌸 mamaralic.tez (.eth) (@mamaralic) October 9, 2022

Iranian artist Maral uses photography, specifically self-portraits, to create powerful, moving images about identity, freedom, and peace. The poem accompanying this portrait can be interpreted in many ways - a lover or even family member who hurt her, a patriarchic culture that tries to hold women back. Perhaps all of the above. Withered and Forgotten shows the tragedy of what could have been. Explore this and more of Maral’s work on .

4. Roxana looking at the sea #

“Roxana looks at the sea in 48 different ways…”

Roxana looking at the sea

Art by - @ernestocisnerosmusic (IG)
@ErnestCisneros1 (Twitter)#nftarti̇st#NFTs#NFTRelease#nftphotography#NFTGiveaways#nftarti̇

— Kalamint (@kalamint_io) October 6, 2022

Roxana, aka Cuban actress Roxana Broche, gazes at the sea in “48 different ways,” but depending on the lighting, shadows, and colors, each moment of the scenery is different. In the words of NFT artist Ernesto Cisneros: “We all see the same phenomenon with different points of view, this is one of the ways to generate diversity.” On the surface, this is a moody black and white photograph, but really Cisneros is trying to capture the beautiful randomness of life, with one still image. Check it out on Kalamint.

5. 10,000 Doors #9 #

“Behind the hardware lies the human soul.”

Behind the hardware lies the human soul.😇

10,000 Doors #9 by @MaiaMellier

— | Community Curation (@TeiaArt) October 13, 2022

For many artists, photography is a tool to document sculpture or performance art, as Maia Mellier does for this recent work. 10,000 Doors #9 is part of a series in which the artist takes yarn and other craft materials to adorn different machinery and computers, in a way humanizing these hardware devices. It recalls the playfulness and puniness of Claes Oldenburg’s “soft” sculptures; to be cheeky, Mellier transforms this hardware into software. This work is part of Teia’s ongoing #SavePakistan relief fundraiser - which recently donated 775 tez (approx. 200,000 rupees) to Pakistan. Check out Mellier’s contribution and the other objects for #SavePakistan on .

6. Subjective Photography #1 #

“…This project seeks to achieve visual abstraction trough photography.”

Subjective Photography #1 is the first collab project me and @vocesferales ever did. It was an exciting process where the visions of each one integrate to produce something more rich and complex that its parts. #NFTphotography + #generativeart 📸👁️🧑‍💻

— josemiguel.tez (@j_m_r_g_nfts) August 17, 2022

Believe it or not, photography can be used to create generative art! So even though this collaborative project between José Ramírez Guaigua and Lorena Orlando is from back in August, it’s still completely worth including in a roundup of innovative photography NFT projects. The artists were inspired by the Subjective Photography movement, which called for an emphasis on form rather than representation. Riffing off the analog process of developing film in a darkroom, the artists blended organic shapes found in nature with the mathematical patterns present on architecture - a marriage of forms on multiple levels. Check out their “darkroom” on fx(hash).