Minty Fresh: Edition 62

This week, our secret word is: "sun."

By Mun"


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Hello and welcome to this week’s Minty Fresh! Every week, we bring you a selection of the freshest, brightest Clean NFTs found on the Tezos ecosystem. This week, our secret word is: “sun.” Because who doesn’t need some extra sunshine in their lives, especially as the weather turns cold, gray, and rainy this month.

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Here are some sunny NFTs - some with literal suns shown, some with abstract references to that big ball of fire in the sky - from fx(hash), Kalamint, 8scribo, Teia, and .

Let me go on
Like I blister in the sun
Let me go on
Big hands, I know you’re the one

1. Wild & Free #

Do check out this sonic-linguistic collaboration between @pamyuen and @mundalorian in presenting a musical piece on the ‘Primal Core’ of emotions…

— mun (@mundalorian) October 20, 2022

This collaboration between teacher and poet Mun and artist-musician Pamela is a haiku ode to the sun and moon. 8scribo is one of the newest NFT marketplaces on Tezos, and it’s designed exclusively for minting haikus on the blockchain. Poets, writers, and experimenters of all types have published a variety of haikus on this marketplace since its launch earlier this year. Mun’s work stands out because it is written to music, giving it an extra sonic quality. Tune in on 8scribo.

5. December #

“Digital graphic. Edition of 3”

🌻New drop!

‘DECEMBER’ / Digital Graphic / JPEG 2379x3000px / ©2022

💾Edition of 3 / 8 tez

— woc (@woc_one) November 4, 2022

Visual artist woc has developed this signature technique of abstracting classic images and canonical works of art. Here, the artist blurs and filters Van Gogh’s iconic sunflowers. The effect is as if the viewer has lost their eye glasses and must construct the image based on memory or imagination. Woc’s style brings up so many questions and things to consider: how are images made and seen? How much of what we see is based on memory or impressions of what something should look like? It is a fascinating experience, and even more powerful to realize the emotions that come through this work. Despite the graininess and abstraction, the joy and delightfulness of the sunflowers still shines through. Find it on Teia.

6. Constellations #48 #

“We look at things that are seemingly random and can’t help but form relationships between them…”

Constellations #48 by

— idontlike.tez (@i_dont_like_tez) November 3, 2022

Listen, the sun is a star, so this series from generative artist Yazid totally fits this week’s theme. Constellations is inspired by the randomness in the universe, and the ways in which humans can’t help but to form connections and make sense of the chaos. The night sky is a perfect example of this: an infinite wash of bright lights that, since the beginning of human existence, has been used for scientific discovery and myth-building. As Yazid puts it: “Constellations plays with the concept of interconnectivity, the meeting and interacting of hidden elements, and the emergence of patterns and interpretations from chance encounters (or kismet).” Check it out on fx(hash).