Minty Fresh: Edition 63

The objects selected this week all have a certain softness to them.


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Welcome back to Minty Fresh, your weekly source for the coolest, freshest #CleanNFTs across the Tezos ecosystem. This week’s secret word is: “soft.” The objects selected this week all have a certain softness to them - whether it’s a blurred, abstracted generative piece, or a lush floral still life.

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It’s been a fun exercise to investigate softness on the blockchain. Who knew digital art could feel so delicate and fragile? So enjoy these soft works from fx(hash), CADAF, Kalamint, and Objkt.

Well it’s a shock, shock to your soft side
Summer moon
Catch your shut eyes in your room

1. A dança dos pássaros… #

“The charm of birds dancing in the wind”

A dança dos pássaros - 1/1
Was just listed for 150 $XTZ ✨👇 ✨

The charm of birds dancing in the wind…

— 🇧🇷 水 🧙‍♂️ skrrꜩy 🧙‍♂️ 水 🌍 (@SkrrTey) November 9, 2022

The blurred definition of this work from Brazilian self-taught artist Skkrt Tey gives an added softness to this delightful bird scene. By juxtaposing the deep black hues of the birds with the bright orange and blues, the artist emphasizes how the creatures interact with their environment. It evokes the sensation of wings flapping, and surroundings rapidly changing while the birds are in flight. Check out this work on .

2. Aparecida #

“The virtual is a space of pure potentiality.”

Aparecida, 2022

Still image by @lvcasaguirre at

— Kate Vass (@keyvass) November 10, 2022

Argentinian artist Lucas Aguirre experiments with analog painting and 3-dimension for the first time in this work that will be on view at the CADAF Art Fair in New York City this week. The painted strokes are scanned in 3D and reconfigured using virtual reality, resulting in a “return to the physical plane and be continued analogically a back and forth between traditional modes and new media.” It is truly beautiful to think how these layers of manipulation and digital techniques can result in such a lush, beautiful artwork. Check it out in person this weekend at CADAF, curated by Kate Vass Galerie.

3. Untitled overpainting nr.0D1-0T0 #

“overpainted analog photography, digital manipulated”

many thanks for collecting to @VioletBondArt@ganbrood@BarbaraBezina 🖤

last 4 left / 31 - 1,3 tez

untitled overpainting nr.0D1-0T0

— rmtrl (@rmtrl1) October 30, 2022

The magic of art on the blockchain is the fact you can make anything - combining media and genres seamlessly through the power of code. “Overpainter” and photographer Joseph Rojatz does just that with this untitled piece. His work shows us that softness doesn’t have to be innocent or docile; you can convey violence through delicate imagery too. Rojatz manipulates a Baroque-style classic painting with overlays of blood and blurriness. The result is a chilling scene that you can’t look away from. Find it on .

4. Miracle #

“…At least the belly is entertaining while the rest of the body suffers.”


Art by - @probetafilmscuba (IG)
@o_lahera (TWITTER)

— Kalamint (@kalamint_io) November 9, 2022

Now, you’re probably asking - how on earth can a rock with a worm wiggling on it be soft? But Miracle, from Cuban artist Frank Lahera O’Callaghan has a certain softness that is hard to put in words. The shading and shaping of the boulder makes it look, well, squishy. Miracle is an ode to a full stomach, to the blessing of feeding oneself. So with that, it brings to mind a soft belly, satisfied after a great meal while other parts of the body and world suffer. Find it on Kalamint.

5. HA-4 #

“Colourful, playful, happy.”


Published and in the queue 🙏🏻

Opening today at 930pm (UTC) on @fx_hash_

300x // 2tez
10% to the Processing Foundation & 20% of royalties to minter.

Reserves for HA-0 holders ❤
Link Below⬇️

— HappyAccidents (@hppyccdnts) October 18, 2022

The joyful, eclectic shapes of this project from generative art “alter ego” Happy Accidents feel like unique emojis or notebook doodles. The variations of HA-4 are pretty amazing - each edition is such a surprise and it’s thrilling to think of what connects them all together. Explore this collection on fx(hash).

6. Golden Crown #

“…reminding you of different seasons and bringing the feel of nostalgia straight from the garden full of wildflowers…”

Picked up this 💎 @aadrika__
Amazing Work

— AlphaQ.Eth (@Justin_82jr) November 7, 2022

Closing out with a lush, vibrant still life of thick petals and flowers from artist and animator Aadrika. Golden Crown is part of the artist’s The Happy Florist collection, an array of beautiful flowers of all varieties. This work is also part of the fundraising event #Tezos4Iran, a community effort to send proceeds to human rights organizations in Iran amidst the country’s ongoing protests. Find Golden Hour, and the rest of The Happy Florist, on .