Minty Fresh: Edition 65

Your favorite source for fresh and cool NFTs on Tezos has returned, and this week, we're all about hydration.

Minty Fresh: Edition 65

Minty Fresh is back! After a brief hiatus and a trip to Art Basel Miami Beach, your favorite source for fresh and cool NFTs on Tezos has returned, and this week, we're all about hydration. This week's secret word is: "water."

Read on for some amazing recent artwork from fxhash, Objkt, Teia, Versum, and Kalamint – all with watery, liquid motifs.

X-ray eyes
Have you seen
My underwater boy?

1. Acequia

"A Spanish adaptation of the Arabic word as-sāqiya, meaning 'water carrier'..."

This generative art collaboration between artists Rich Poole and Rick Crane was inspired by the ancient technology of the aqueduct. Specifically, they reference the "acequia," an irrigation canal system found in Spain, the American Southwest, and northern Mexico, that distributes water along a network of narrow channels. The artists write: "Our aim in this series is to capture the essence of these waterways in bold geometric designs." Acequia is certainly bold, an awesome tribute to water and how it moves through society. Check it out on fxhash.

2. Miami Nights

"From The Never Ending Final Saga of Music by Jburn"

Take us back to Miami! Thanks to this audiovisual collaboration between musicians Jburn and 1OF1NEO, producer Ejkew, and visual artist Mazamiart, we can stay in 305 anytime we want. This nostalgic track takes us to the oceanside of our dreams, with a hazy sunset washing the scene in pinks and oranges. Listen to the full song on Objkt.

3. En un futuro pasado, las máquinas construyeron el paisaje

"In a past future, the machines built the landscape."

The glitchy effects of digital artist Helio Santos combine traditional landscape painting, with baroque frames and Renaissance-era imagery, with the current practice of using AI to create art. So where does water come in? Well at first glance, Santos's style emulates wet paint dripping down a canvas. Or, to bring the computer back in the mix, it has the same visual impact as a distorted screen, barely working after getting wet in the rain. Find this work on Teia.  

4. ISF_102

"Custom isosurface transformations are based on evaluation of random ellipsoid paths."

This work from digital artist V4w.enko is like washing a wave crashing in the ocean – as peaceful as it is chaotic, as hypnotic as it is alarming. ISF_102 is a highly technical artwork, founded on the pathways of moving ellipsoids and cast in this beautiful monochromatic palette. Yet, it looks so organic, so fluid. The artist makes it look so easy! Check it out on versum.

5. Complexity

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” Rumi

This gorgeous work from multi-disciplinary artist and teacher Elham Razani starts off with a Rumi verse. The abstract 3-D animation takes us to a magical tide pool, swirling through bright blue waters with golden sand and gooey seaweed. It's a work of pure bliss, reminding us of all that is beautiful in the universe. Find it on Kalamint.

6. Swimming Pool Mosaic

"unique texture and beautiful look"

Take the pool home with you, thanks to this generative collection from Bulgarian artist Marina Polina. Her description cuts right to the chase – the tiles of a swimming pool are both a unique texture and beautiful to look at! This is a creative interpretation of how generative art can combine geometry, colors, and moods to produce randomized patterns and images. Here, they all could be found at the bottom of an amazing swimming pool. Check it out on fxhash.

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