Month at a Glance - July 2023

A breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem for the month of July 2023.

By William McKenzie


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Welcome to our latest issue of Month at a Glance where we give a quick breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem on a monthly cadence.

July 2023 was yet again a big month for technical development and adoption with new technical features that were introduced and coming soon to the blockchain such as Data Availability Layer (DAL), Etherlink, EVM rollups. These demonstrations were all revealed at TezDev 2023.

Let’s break it all down.

Ecosystem Insights #

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The Rise of Rollups #

Tezos is leading the way in L2 scaling with the introduction of the Data-Availability Layer (DAL). Developed by Nomadic Labs, Marigold, Functori, and Trilitech, DAL is set to significantly enhance the scalability of Smart Rollups, handling millions of transactions per second while remaining decentralized. Currently being tested on Mondaynet, DAL is expected to go live in 2024, revolutionizing the blockchain industry and the Tezos blockchain.

Another exciting development in the field is Etherlink, a fully decentralized Ethereum Layer-2 solution built on Tezos. Utilizing Tezos’ smart rollups, Etherlink provides decentralized control and governance, ensuring transparency and adaptability. With Tezos’ performance improvement, Etherlink efficiently handles high transaction volumes, making it a promising platform for developers and businesses.

Moreover, Tezos’ permanent testnet, Ghostnet, now supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible Smart Rollups. This integration enables Solidity based smart contracts to run on Tezos, combining the robustness of Tezos with the familiarity of Ethereum’s smart contracts. Collaboratively developed by Trilitech, Marigold, Functori, and Nomadic Labs, the EVM rollup operates on the L2 of Tezos.

TezDev 2023 #

Without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest event we saw was TezDev 2023. We have an amazing recap of the event in our weekly newsletter, The Baking Sheet, in case you missed it.

That being said, there were a ton of invaluable insights shared across everything, from a 1M TPS demo to a panel on the current state of Layer-2 and even forward-looking plans on rollups and their role within the Tezos ecosystem and how they relate to achieving ultra-high throughput.

On the latter news, an essential announcement was made about the Ultra-High Throughput (UHT) Rollup. With the goal of creating an all-in-one rollup that ensures low latency, interoperability, and composability, UHT will support EVM contracts, Michelson contracts, Rust, Go, C++, and more, while being compatible with both EVM and Tezos indexers.

Users will also have the convenience of using Metamask and Tezos wallets within the same rollup. Although running UHT will require a powerful machine, Tezos’ smart rollups offer decentralization with just one honest node, making this ambitious goal achievable.

If you think that’s amazing, check out the full panel to learn even more about UHT from Arthur Breitman’s presentation.

News from the Tezos Ecosystem: Quick Bits #

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Introducing “Icownic Patch” from Ultra Milk

Ultra Milk, one of Indonesia’s leading dairy product manufacturers, has collaborated with creative NFT launchpad Gaspack and Tezos ecosystem builder TZ APAC to introduce a unique digital collectible, the ‘Icownic Patch’.

Blockwatch Data launches TzPro

Blockwatch Data, a critical player in the Tezos ecosystem, is launching TzPro, a new suite of robust APIs and SDKs designed to improve the development process on the Tezos platform.

TezTalks will now be featured on the main Tezos YT channel

You read that right, your favorite live stream and podcast series is now being broadcasted to the main Tezos YT channel.

Meet the DAL: Data Availability Layer

Data-Availability Layer (DAL), an ambitious project conceived at Nomadic Labs, Marigold, Functori, and Trilitech, Tezos is set to significantly ramp up the scalability of Smart Rollups.

There’s a brand-new Fractional Real Estate Investment Platform on Tezos

French platform, Fraktion, is setting out to democratize real estate investment, enabling an entry ticket for just €10. The company does this by tokenizing properties into security tokens.

NFT ticketing company Get Protocol raises $4.5 million

Despite operating relatively under the radar, Get Protocol has made notable strides by issuing over 4 million blockchain-based tickets. The company has worked with major artists and comedians, including Ne-Yo, Gucci Mane, Lewis Capaldi, and Louis C.K.

Introducing Etherlink

Experience the power of a fully decentralized, EVM-compatible L2 solution on Tezos. Designed to empower developers and businesses, it opens up a world of secure and scalable applications, learn more here.

Learn how to deploy a Tezos Smart Rollup in 5 steps

From single-purpose dApps to entire ecosystems, Smart Rollups make it easier than ever to deploy secure, flexible, and highly scalable blockchain solutions. Learn how to deploy in 5 steps here.

Messari Research: State of Tezos Q2 2023

Messari: Tezos is making significant progress in its rollup infrastructure roadmap, with the introduction of WASM rollups and an EVM-compatible rollup on testnet. Multiple teams have committed to building rollups, and core developers announced a strategic shift to hybrid optimistic/zk rollups.

Events #

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