Month at a Glance — June 2023

A breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem for the month of June 2023.

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By William McKenzie


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Welcome to our latest issue of Month at a Glance where we give a quick breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem on a monthly cadence.

June 2023 was a big month for technical development and adoption with the Nairobi upgrade going live, Homebase getting some exciting new updates, the unveiling of the Tezos Ecosystem DAO, and big events like TezDev that are drawing closer.

Let’s break it all down.

Ecosystem Insights #

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Nairobi is Live! #

On June 23rd, we all were able to witness history in the making unfold. For the fourteenth time, Tezos upgraded introducing several new feature sets for the ecosystem.

In no particular order, the new features are as follows:

Yes, you read that correctly. After halving block times in the prior protocol upgrade Mumbai, the Tezos network is also getting an up to 8x speed boost for all manager operations with Nairobi’s activation.

Don’t just take it from me though, hear it from one of the core development teams (Nomadic Labs) which can be found in one of my previously published articles.

Indeed this reduction applies to all manager operations, which include not only simple tez to tez transfers, but also the transactions/smart contract calls in DeFi and NFT marketplaces and say, Smart Rollups’ Layer 1 operations — posting messages, commitments, etc.

These benefits apply for managers signing with tz1 and tz2 manager accounts, and they arise from a new, finer-grained, accounting of the gas cost of signature verification in Nairobi: the cost of checking a signature is no longer a flat tax, but rather a function of the curve used (i.e. is the account a tz1, tz2, etc.) and the size of the signed manager operation batch.

With Nairobi, we save about 830 gas units for each operation signed by a tz1 or a tz2 account (the exact amount depends on the length of the operation) and exactly 900 gas units for each unsigned operation: that is, for each operation in a batch after the first one — a benefit of batching manager operations is that signature verification happens only once per batch — and also for all internal operations emitted by smart contract calls.

Moreover, since the gas limit for a block remains unchanged, large batches as witnessed in DeFi or NFT marketplaces also benefit from having more gas available to include more operations or larger batches — of course, subject to other limits like block size in bytes.

Homebase Updates #

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Homebase is an exceptional DAO management and creation platform powered by Tezos. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it provides an opportunity for anyone to effortlessly set up their own DAO on Tezos within minutes.

Further, we were treated to some exciting new features on Homebase. The platform is merging off-chain voting features from Homebase Lite into its main application and launching a governance token creation wizard.

The rationale and importance of this move was for various reasons. For quite some time now there have been two apps for Homebase. There is Homebase Lite and the main Homebase application featuring Lambda DAOs. In recent discussions and polling from different communities, it’s become clear that both on-chain and off-chain voting are needed. Since Homebase Lite enables off-chain voting similar to Snapshot, it makes sense to bring the same functionality over to the main application.

With this merge, users can now create off-chain polls for their DAOs and enjoy the same features of on-chain voting all within the main Homebase application. Additionally, the added process of having to create a governance token via FA2 bakery has been replaced with a simple token wizard within the main Homebase application.

If you’d like to learn more about the new features, be sure to head over to our recent TezTalk episode with dOrg Product Manager, Andrei Taranu.

Create your DAO today 👉

The Tezos Ecosystem DAO #

Discussions on the idea of creating a transparent on-chain treasury to support the Tezos ecosystem have been ongoing since mid-2019. The recently announced experimental Tezos Ecosystem DAO is designed to manage and distribute tez, to support various community initiatives.

Currently in its first iteration, in terms of decision-making, the Tezos Ecosystem DAO involves five organizations as multi-sig holders, employing a three-of-five multi-sig model. As a reminder, this is the first iteration and just like the Tezos blockchain, the DAO will continue to evolve.

The DAO’s treasury is funded through the sales of Tezos protocol upgrade memorabilia NFTs on Notably, Felipe Vargas, an artist known for creating many of the past upgrade videos, is donating 100% of his sales proceeds to the DAO. Additionally, users have the option to make direct donations to the DAO’s treasury contract. Donations are not required to participate and the DAO will more than likely be funded by certain multi-sig holders in the future.

Currently, initiative applications can be submitted to the DAO through Tezos Agora. If approved by the ecosystem teams participating in the DAO, the proposal will receive funding and be executed immediately.

More information will be provided shortly, however, in the meantime, collect some protocol upgrade memorabilia and engage in the conversation on Tezos Agora!

News from the Tezos Ecosystem: Quick Bits #

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The NFT Curator: Cabline x Right Click Save

If you’re into NFTs and you enjoy reading top-notch content with fresh and deeper insights, this particular feature was a good read. Cabline sits down with the Right Click Save crew and talks about her experience as the lead curator at gets some new features

To provide a better user experience, you can now directly update your profile on the OBJKT platform, streamlining the process. Check out the announcement to learn more.

fx(hash) announces a new feature: Redeemables

With Redeemables, artists can seamlessly translate their generative projects into tangible or additional digital assets, expanding the horizon of their creativity. To learn more about the new feature, check out fx(hash)'s announcement.

Trilitech Tezos developer survey

Trilitech has released a survey for all Tezos-based developers. If you’re a developer on Tezos, your input is greatly appreciated and needed as it can potentially shape the future of developer tooling and support around Tezos-based applications.

There’s another new Tezos NFT marketplace coming soon

Admire, one of the most recently launched NFT marketplaces on Tezos has announced plans to publicly launch on July 11th.

Events #

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