Month at a Glance — May 2023

A breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem for the month of May 2023.

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By William McKenzie


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Welcome to our latest issue of Month at a Glance where we give a quick breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem on a monthly cadence.

May 2023 was a big month for technical development and adoption with the upcoming release of’s new social platform, Homebase updates, and the latest Tezos protocol upgrade undergoing voting.

Let’s break it all down.

Ecosystem Insights #

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It’s Scaling Season #

If we are to come to grips with the fact that there’s a big scaling issue problem in blockchain, where would we start? It would make sense in addressing the load and stress you can put on a blockchain. This is a key component of already widely adopted systems like Visa, YouTube, etc.

What’s been drawn out as an overused buzzword, transactions per second (TPS) does have some merit when it comes to scaling applications for the masses. It shouldn’t be a surprise that we’ve seen the majority of the industry move towards the same collective goal in the past year with layer 2 scaling.

Luckily, the Tezos ecosystem has spearheaded these efforts and is hyper-focused on drawing closer to accomplishing that goal. Protocol Nairobi introduces several new features, if adopted, will bring several updates and improvements to the Tezos network.

You can learn more about those features here in our recent publication where Nomadic Labs also shared some interesting information on why they’re so excited for the future of Smart Rollups on Tezos. In their own words:

We are quite hyped about the possibilities offered by Smart Rollups, and we are convinced they are a game changer technology.

While we continue to work on new features and advancing the protocol, a lot of our efforts are going to be spent towards improving Smart Rollups’ UX for both end users and application developers. We are working closely with teams building on top of Smart Rollups and we are excited to see applications in gaming, DeFi, digital art and beyond, being actively developed.

We look forward to seeing the way people leverage the scalability and flexibility of Tezos Layer 2 to shape the future of Web3!

Make sure you get out there and vote as the final phases of voting for Protocol Nairobi begin to wrap up! To follow the governance process, please visit: Tezos Agora.

A Platform For a Mixture of Youtube+Social+Music on Tezos #

We’re probably all used to hearing of product launches that will use blockchain technology in some form or another. The great thing about a majority of those who build on Tezos is that the products they build are real and using the Tezos software.

It’s no different with’s upcoming music and social platform. The new platform from DNS will be launching as a Lens competitor on Tezos. This means that the platform will include a timeline where you can come in and follow people, like posts, and comment. All of this activity is done on-chain via Tezos.

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We posted some more teasers in a recent publication, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already and join the waitlist!

Homebase Updates #

In case you’re unaware, Tezos has an amazing go-to DAO creation and management tool called Homebase. With little technical know-how required, users can spin up DAOs on Tezos in mere minutes and manage them all within the application.

This month, that process has become even more streamlined with some recent updates.

For quite some time there have been two apps for Homebase. There is Homebase Lite and the main Homebase application featuring Lambda DAOs. In recent discussions and polling from different communities, it has become clear that both on-chain and off-chain voting are needed. Since Homebase Lite enables off-chain voting similar to Snapshot, it makes sense to bring the same functionality over to the main application.

With this merge, users can now create off-chain polls for their DAOs and enjoy the same features of on-chain voting all within the main Homebase application. Additionally, Homebase added a new sneaky and very underrated feature, which is that it now allows the process of creating governance tokens within the application with a simple token wizard which allows one to create a governance token for their DAO and whitelist user addresses which will distribute those tokens to the whitelisted address with the amount that’s programmed in by the DAO creator.

Previously, in order to create a DAO on Homebase users would have to create a governance token via FA2 bakery. This step wasn’t the most user-friendly process as knowledge of where to fetch the address of the deployed token on TzKT was needed. That has now been eliminated with the addition of a token wizard within the Homebase application.

News from the Tezos Ecosystem: Quick Bits #

Month at a Glance — January 2023, image 3 Season Zero is here

Taking NFT ownership and music to the next level, the new platform from aims to redefine how music should be experienced and how musicians and fans can connect.

TzKT gets some new updates

The popular Tezos block explorer TzKT now features support for Nairobi, an extended sharing mechanism, and even a tab for games on smart rollup account pages. Check out the API here.

AirGap introduces AirGap Knox

PR: “AirGap Knox takes security to the next level by automatically disabling all forms of network on an OS level, thereby achieving true offline security. Once installed, the AirGap Knox takes control of the system and initiates the blocking of all connections on a deep system level — whether its wifi, cellular, NFC or Bluetooth. From then on, those can no longer be reactivated — Turning your device into a true hardware wallet.”

TezDev is back!

TezDev is coming back and taking place in Paris on July 21st, 2023. To learn more about the event and sign up, visit this page to register.

Mailchain integrates with Tezos

Mailchain is a communication layer for web3 communities, enabling users to communicate to different crypto wallet addresses off-chain. If there was ever an ‘AOL-like’ email service but for blockchain, this would be it.

Marigold announces Smart Rollups Kernel Gallery

PR: “The standout feature of Smart Rollups is versatility. Smart Rollups ship fully decentralized out-of-the-box, while allowing DApp developers to make informed tradeoffs tailored to their use-case. The Kernel Gallery highlights this by building up to more complex scenarios one change at time, discussing the tradeoffs along the way.”

Temple Wallet has introduced their own token

TKEY is a new token that is native to Temple Wallet and is geared to incentive users for various actions within wallet functionality. Learn all about it in their press release.

Plenty releases “Plenty Rollup”

Learn more about the release and try it out yourself on their site!

Events #

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Stay in the Conversation, Stay in the Know #

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