Month at a Glance | September 2023

A breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem for the month of September 2023.

By William McKenzie


1,350 words, 7 minute read

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Welcome to our latest issue of Month at a Glance where we give a quick breakdown of the latest happenings and significant milestones taking place within the Tezos ecosystem on a monthly cadence.

September 2023 was yet again a big month for technical development and adoption with new technical features that were introduced and coming soon to the Tezos ecosystem such as Metamask’s Tezos integration, an upcoming blockchain game called KAYO, Tezos Domains developments, Tezos Ecosystem DAO updates, and more.

Let’s break it all down.

Ecosystem Insights #

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MetaMask x Tezos #

In case you didn’t notice, MetaMask released an exciting new feature. It’s called “Snaps” and it enables users the ability to be able to connect to non-ethereum based blockchains on MetaMask. This particular feature is a novel way to bring interoperability across the blockchain landscape for one of the most popular blockchain wallets.

The team at TriliTech helped to get the Tezos Snap up and running. The process is quite straightforward and details on how to use the snap can be found in the handy installation guide.

The development is a milestone worth celebrating. Based on data from MetaMask themselves, over 30M users interact with the web wallet. That being said, that’s a good chunk of people who can now potentially explore Tezos.

Tezos Ecosystem DAO Updates #

Last month, Tezos Commons secured a grant from the Tezos Foundation to further support the DAO’s initiatives. The grant, exclusively intended for the Tezos Ecosystem DAO was deposited into the DAO treasury, bolstering its potential for ecosystem grants.

Earlier in the month, we announced that Tezos Commons alongside the other 4 multi-sig holders would start reviewing the first batch of proposals for the DAO. Following this, the voting for the first batch of proposals has concluded. The projects that have applied for funding from the Tezos Ecosystem DAO are the following:

The Tezos Ecosystem DAO is actively inviting participation from the Tezos community, including artists, developers, builders, gamers, and more, to propose ideas for funding. Those with innovative concepts, projects, or suggestions deserving of funding are encouraged to share their proposals on Tezos Agora.

If you have a good idea for something to help grow the Tezos ecosystem, make sure to apply for funding!

News from the Tezos Ecosystem: Quick Bits #

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TzKT Now Supports Tezos Tickets #

TzKT announces support for Tezos tickets on its platform, enabling users to access a wide range of ticket-related information via the TzKT API. This includes data on mints, burns, transfers, balances, and historical balances. Additional updates for the explorer UI are expected soon, but users can already test this feature on testnets.

The Champ Medici Arts Fund Announces First Cohort Recipients #

The Champ Medici Arts Fund, in partnership with The Tezos Foundation and led by Cordell Broadus, supports artists and creatives globally through the Tezos blockchain. The first cohort of recipients includes Laurie Marqueton, Uzumaki Cepeda, Malachi Wright, Cory Anne Roberts, and Reggie Couz, spanning various artistic disciplines.

Efe Kucuk of TriliTech Releases Another AI Mini-Game #

A new AI mini-game has been released where the objective is to persuade the bouncer to grant entry into Elysium, the exclusive nightclub. Play the game and aim for a VIP Pass, which may unlock something unique. Check out my recap of this game and his other game.

Baking Bad Releases New Features For BCD #

New BCD features have been introduced to enhance Smart Rollup development. The latest update includes periodic Teztnets, support for ticket updates, and indexing of smart rollups and related operations that provide valuable tools and resources for developers working on Tezos projects.

There’s A New Tezos Game Coming Soon #

KAYO is an upcoming video game on the Tezos blockchain that combines elements of Street Fighter with strategy in an innovative simulation game.

Tezos Domains Announces Its Token Offering On TrustSwap #

Tezos Domains, the exclusive Tezos domain name system, launched its $TED token offering on September 25th, 2023, via the TrustSwap Launchpad.

Plenty V3 Is Live! #

PlentyV3 has launched, offering concentrated liquidity, dynamic NFTs, the fastest analytics in Tezos DeFi, and a powerful SDK. Explore it at the site.

3Route Gets A New Update #

In 3Route’s latest version 4 release, significant improvements have been made. The contract version has passed an audit, reducing gas consumption, and enabling more complex chain executions. Furthermore, users can now limit the number of decentralized exchanges for added control and efficiency.

LigoV1 Has Been Released #

The Ligo team is thrilled to announce the release of Ligo V1, marking a fresh start and an enhanced experience for users. This version includes significant changes detailed in the migration guide and changelog.

Tezos Is Now Supported On Fireblocks #

Tezos is now supported on Fireblocks, a secure digital asset infrastructure platform aiming to provide institutional investors with a secure gateway to the ever expanding DeFi and the web3 ecosystem on Tezos.

Events #

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Community Rewards Program #

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The Community Rewards Program (CRP) is a Tezos Commons Foundation initiative aimed at fostering adoption and supporting the Tezos ecosystem. Every month up to 5,000 tez are rewarded to those that stand out in merit and act in the interest of the Tezos ecosystem as a whole.

In an endeavor to make it easier for community members to nominate their favorite contributors to the ecosystem, the nomination form has been drastically streamlined. Now containing only three questions, it takes less than 30 seconds to submit a nomination.

Don’t have 30 seconds? You can tag any discord message or tweet with #TezosCRP; we will collect them as well!

The categories and nomination standards have remained the same. For more information head over to the refreshed landing page here. We’ve also announced August 2023 winners, so be sure to check out the recap on that here.

About Tezos Commons Foundation #

Tezos Commons is a non-profit organization with an emphasis on building communities on Tezos and supporting the Tezos ecosystem and its members. Through organizing several community-focused events, hosting infrastructure, and funding small projects, Tezos Commons has been actively contributing towards building communities on Tezos.

Learn more about Tezos Commons.

Stay in the Conversation, Stay in the Know #

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