Mooncakes: Your Gateway to Blockchain Fun and Learning

Discover the joy of blockchain with Mooncakes, the perfect starting point for non-crypto friends to explore Tezos, from NFTs to DeFi.

By Cryptonio.tez


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Have you ever wondered how to introduce your friends into the blockchain world without scaring them off with all the jargon and complexity? It’s a common but difficult challenge. Most times, diving into blockchain feels like trying to drink from a firehose — overwhelming and confusing.

Well, that’s where by the Kukai team comes in. It’s hands-down one of the coolest, most straightforward ways to help non-crypto people to get their feet wet. Let’s take a closer look at Mooncakes and why it is the go-to for fun, safe, and easy Tezos onboarding.

Mooncakes #

Mooncakes is a platform designed to seamlessly introduce users to the intricacies of the blockchain world, but without the complexity.

It’s not just about reading or watching tutorials; it’s about learning by doing. By engaging users in quests, challenges, and fun activities, Mooncakes demystifies the blockchain in a way that’s both educational and immensely enjoyable.

At its core, Mooncakes is about experiential learning. It guides you through the essentials of interacting with the Tezos blockchain — connecting wallets, collecting NFTs, swapping tokens on decentralized exchanges, and even participating in farming.

It does so in a way that feels more like playing a game than taking a course. Sounds great? Well, that’s because it is. But before you recommend it to others, take the plunge and explore Mooncakes yourself!

Things you should try right now #

Let’s look into some of the key activities you should explore on Mooncakes, listed in the optimal order to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

This curated journey will introduce you to the platform’s features and the broader Tezos ecosystem in an engaging and intuitive manner.

Note: Most activities require a tiny amount of tez for gas. A mere 1 tez is more than enough to do a lot of things and have fun!

Claim your Year of the Dragon gifts #

To get started, simply sign in using your email, Google, or Twitter account. This process seamlessly creates a Tezos wallet for you.

If you’re already immersed in the Tezos ecosystem, feel free to sign in with your existing wallet. Once you’re in, you’ll notice the “Claim Free Gifts” button — go ahead and give it a click, then spin the wheel to discover the gifts awaiting you.

Remember, that claiming these gifts occurs on the Tezos chain, meaning you’ll need to sign a transaction, which requires a tiny amount of tez.

Complete quests 1, 2, and 3 #

Now that you’ve got a handle on signing transactions directly on the blockchain, it’s time to dive a bit deeper into the Tezos ecosystem by completing some hands-on quests.

I recommend tackling the three primary quest levels designed to cover various sectors like Tezos staking, NFT marketplaces, DeFi tasks on the Crunchy platform, and more.

Each level consists of three quests, complete with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. For each quest that you complete, you will be able to claim a reward. It’s a great way to learn by doing and to get a feel of how everything works within the Tezos blockchain.

Tackle the challenges #

If you’ve made it to this stage, you’ve likely amassed a diverse array of Mooncake NFTs and have a solid grip on navigating Tezos dapps. Now, it’s time to dive into the challenges.

These are designed to deepen your understanding of common blockchain activities — think burning, freezing, and unfreezing tokens — while also testing the skills you’ve picked up so far. Each challenge will require a specific mix of mooncake types, pushing you to either patiently expand your collection or cleverly trade on the marketplace to find what you need.

Sure, these challenges may take a bit longer to conquer than what you’ve previously faced, but trust me, this is where the real excitement lies with the rarest rewards.

Send a gift to your friends![] #

Now that you’ve had a taste of the experience, it’s the perfect time to bring your friends into the loop by sending them a gift.

Imagine gifting them a little piece of this adventure to kickstart their journey. A thoughtful way to do this is by sharing one of the many mooncakes you have collected during the process, accompanied by a very small amount of tez to get the recipient started.

This modest gift will be their ticket to explore the vibrant world of NFT marketplaces, make their first swap on a DeFi platform, dive into farming, and so much more — all while enjoying the ride. It’s a simple gesture, but one that opens up a universe of possibilities for them to discover and enjoy!!

Just the beginning #

And there you have it — a glimpse into the delightful world of Mooncakes, where blockchain becomes not just accessible, but downright fun.

But there’s more to this adventure than meets the eye. Behind the scenes and inside the mooncakes discord, there’s also a vibrant community of users and collectors just like you, sharing their experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

Start your Mooncakes adventure now and let the fun begin!