NBX Berlin 2023: Tezos Making Waves

A look at Tezos related activities at NBX Berlin 2023: Unveiling Etherlink, merging iconography, and highlighting the Tezos community's efforts to advance blockchain

By Beata Lipska


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Nbx Spotlight

The Next Block Expo (NBX) in Berlin has always been a cornerstone event for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. Last year, from December 4-5, the event continued to cement its importance, drawing a vibrant mix of experts, enthusiasts, and curious onlookers alike. As a Developer Advocate for Trilitech, I had the privilege of witnessing the Tezos community’s impactful presence at this prestigious gathering, and I want to share with you the most interesting parts of it with you! But let’s go back to the beginning!

Tezos + Berlin #

When I heard that we were going to Berlin for the NBX conference, I thought it would be amazing to prepare something special that would represent the innovative spirit of the Tezos community but also pay homage to the host city’s rich cultural heritage. After a short brainstorming session in the Trilitech office, my colleague Sasha Aldrick mentioned the iconic Ampelmännchen symbol, a beloved emblem of Berlin. The fusion of the Tezos logo and Ampelmännchen was inevitable. We shared the design on our merchandise but also minted a collectible NFT that attendees could receive at our booth. NFT for NBX Berlin 2023

Set against the urban backdrop of Berlin’s CineStar Cinema, NBX 2023 buzzed with an unmistakable energy. Participants came with a keen interest in technological advancements and brought insightful perspectives and questions, especially regarding Etherlink’s integration and potential impact on the European blockchain ecosystem. Attendees and speakers alike contributed to a tapestry of diverse perspectives, united by a common passion for blockchain innovation.

The Tezos community stood out as a key player at NBX, demonstrating a growing influence in the blockchain space. Our team from Trilitech and Nomadic Labs, including Thomas Letan (Engineering Manager at Nomadic Labs), Nicolas Streschinsky (Head of DeFi at Trilitech), Daniele Tagliaferro (Events manager at Trilitech), myself (Beata Lipska), Claude Barde as Trilitech’s Developer Advocates, and our adoption manager for Germany from Nomadic Labs, Damien Touzeau, brought a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the event.

Etherlink: A New Era in Blockchain #

During the event, we delved into the essence of Etherlink, an optimistic rollup enshrined on the Tezos blockchain, fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Slated for beta launch in March 2024, Etherlink represents a significant leap forward in blockchain technology, bridging the gap between advanced functionality and user accessibility.

Our keynote, “Enabling the Next Generation of Financial Apps” by Nicolas highlighted Etherlink as a beacon of innovation in the DeFi space. It’s not merely a new blockchain but a platform that promises to facilitate a wide array of sophisticated financial applications, illustrating the potential of decentralized systems in transforming finance.

In our workshop “Navigating Etherlink: Exploring the inner workings.”, Thomas explored the intricacies of Etherlink. This Smart Rollup, deployed on the Tezos blockchain, is designed to leverage the chain’s robust and flexible architecture. From day one, Etherlink is armed with a battle-tested governance system, reflecting a commitment to agility and adaptability.

Etherlink stands out in the blockchain realm by offering full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, meaning it seamlessly can run all Solidity/Vyper smart contracts, akin to any other EVM chain. Developers find familiarity and ease, as their standard toolsets like Hardhat, Foundry, and Viem are instantly operational with Etherlink. Smart Rollups are an innovative L2 scaling strategy, permitting permissionless, versatile WASM applications. These Rollups, being optimistic, default to trusting state claims by rollup operators, yet maintain integrity through easy verification and challenge processes, ensuring honesty even with a single honest operator. Additionally, they’re enshrined at the protocol core within L1 Tezos, a significant deviation from conventional Ethereum methods, leading to a whole range of benefits.

Conclusion #

As we reflect on the NBX Berlin 2023, the Tezos community’s participation and the unveiling of Etherlink stand out as significant milestones in our journey towards blockchain excellence. The showcase of Etherlink was more than just a demonstration of a new technology; it was a vivid illustration of an unwavering dedication to expanding the horizons of blockchain capabilities. The palpable excitement and engagement from the blockchain community at NBX underscore the critical role that the Tezos blockchain plays in shaping the industry’s future. Etherlink is not merely a new addition to our blockchain repertoire; it represents a significant leap towards a more sophisticated, efficient, and accessible world of decentralized finance. As we eagerly look forward to the launch of Etherlink and beyond, we are invigorated to continue our journey of innovation, fostering deeper connections and driving forward the frontiers of blockchain technology.