COMMUNITY - a Valuable Resource for Tezonians serves as a central hub for navigating, discovering, and learning about the Tezos ecosystem.


250 words, 2 minute read - a Valuable Resource for Tezonians image 1 launched in February of 2022, and serves as a central hub for navigating, discovering, and learning about projects and applications live on the Tezos blockchain.

The world of Web3 can be a hard space to navigate, especially for newcomers. Sifting through a plethora of NFT launches, gaming platforms, or DeFi applications can be a daunting task, and this is the kind of experience that aims to remedy.

As our platform builds out, we will become the only site you will need to discover the exciting world developing on Tezos -

Whether you’re a newcomer to Tezos or an ‘OG’, the website has something to offer, containing anything from blogs covering what Tezos is, and tutorials on how to get started with a Tezos wallet, to a comprehensive list of new and established NFT projects, and links to new and established gaming and DeFi applications. It’s a one-stop-shop for Tezonians, old and new. The website was created and is maintained by the same team behind the popular NFT collectible series, .

While Web3 and crypto in general is founded on principles of decentralization, it doesn’t make sense to decentralize everything. is a great example of when a little bit of centralization can actually prove helpful.

If you or your team are launching a new project on Tezos and wish to be featured, you can reach out to the team either via the website or by contacting them on Twitter or Discord.