Thriving Tezos NFT Marketplace Steps Its Game Up With Cool New Features

Learn more about objkt's new features aimed at maximizing the NFT marketplace’s role in the evolving NFT economy.

Originally published at Tezos Commons News

By Stu Elmes


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Just in case you hadn’t heard, the digital art/NFT community here in the Tezos ecosystem is absolutely thriving. Tezos’ efficient utility, low transaction fees, and industry-leading ecological footprint have made the Tezos ecosystem into one of the most appealing and practical destinations for those wishing to create, sell, market, and collect NFTs and other digital collectibles.

At the center of this bustling Tezos-powered digital art scene are the Tezos ecosystem’s many NFT marketplaces. These popular user interfaces enable the seamless trading, purchase, and sale of Tezos NFTs for the countless artists, game creators, gamers, and collectors now operating in the Tezos ecosystem.

A key player among these Tezos NFT marketplaces is This simple, easy to navigate NFT marketplace platform has emerged as a massively popular choice for all those participating in the Tezos NFT economy. Today, objkt facilitates daily transactions counted in the thousands.

Objkt has been at the forefront in the Tezos NFT marketplaces where thousands of artists have called it home. The team at objkt is always building and is currently in the process of rolling out several new features aimed at maximizing the NFT marketplace’s ability to play its important role in the evolving NFT economy of the Web 3.0-enabled digital world.

Meet the Features #

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1) New Payment Options

Objkt has partnered with Winter to enable seamless credit card and eth purchases within its user interface. (Welcome eth collectors, we know you’ll enjoy your stay!)

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These widgets simplify the path to purchase NFTs which will allow those without Tezos wallets to buy Tezos NFTs and enter the Tezos ecosystem with the simple click of a button (or 2).

2) Check your Balance(s)

Next, the objkt team added a “balances” dropdown menu displaying the user’s balances of tokens supported in the objkt marketplace.

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While only XTZ and oXTZ (wrapped Tezos) are currently supported and included in the balances dropdown, the objkt team has stated that “[i]n the near future, all currencies will be usable throughout the marketplace and the staking rewards from the o pool will become part of the tokenomics behind our DAO”.

3) Lag, we hardly knew yah

The objkt team has also taken steps to address lag and inconsistency issues by upgrading its indexer and smart contracts. This will create a smoother user experience and buttress objkt’s UI against the added stress of ongoing user growth, as well as the addition of further updates moving forward. Such upgrades will be of crucial importance during a period when early-stage Web 3.0 NFT-backed games and projects are rolling out at breakneck pace across the Tezos ecosystem.

4) ID, please

By way of increasing accountability and user integrity in platform activities, objkt will be taking its user profile data from moving forward.

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While such digital profiles have not yet played a hugely significant role in the space thus far, it should be expected that this won’t be the case for long once the transition to a Web 3.0-powered digital future begins in earnest.

5) objktone is live

The objkt team has also recently rolled out a curated platform dedicated to rare 1/1 digital art pieces. Dubbed “objktone”, this platform features carefully-curated rare works from premiere digital artists from across the globe.

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With inclusivity and low barriers-to-entry as crucial hallmarks of the Tezos digital art community’s philosophy, objktone offers an important, easy to navigate gateway for global artists looking to bring their unique high-end works into the blockchain arena.

6) The custody battle ends

All listings and Dutch auctions on are, as of now, non-custodial. This means that tokens will no longer leave your wallet when you create a swap. This saves some gas fees, while also allowing you to list tokens on multiple non-custodial marketplaces at the same time. The objkt team has also promised to offer non-custodial offers in the near future, thereby dramatically increasing liquidity in the objkt marketplace.

7) Squad up

Royalty splits and multiple creators are now enabled for pieces and tokens in the objkt marketplace. This feature has been enabled for all collections indexed in the past on objkt, and will soon be enabled for any tokens minted moving forward.

8) Get smart

OED (open edition) collections are enabled and creating a new OED collection on the objkt platform will deploy your own smart contract on the Tezos blockchain. This transaction will cost around 1-2 tez in gas and storage fees. These fees do not go to objkt.


Importantly, the team at objkt has assured its many users that, despite these changes and the ongoing evolution of its platform, the objkt UI remains much as it always has, which is why many who use this lively marketplace regularly (this humble writer included) may not have even noticed that anything has changed.

This is great news, considering the ease of use and smooth transactions the marketplace is famous for.

With these improvements in place (and more on the way) it’s a safe bet that will continue its impressive journey to NFT art prominence in the days and weeks ahead.