Some Major Companies Using NFTs on Tezos

A closer look at some large companies utilizing NFTs within the Tezos ecosystem.

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By William McKenzie


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The Tezos ecosystem is filled with all kinds of amazing talent. At the forefront of that talent, did you know there’s several major brands and enterprises that have entered the Tezos NFT scene?

In this article, we’re going to highlight some of those major contenders and why they’ve chosen Tezos as their platform of choice for NFTs.

Attracting the Big Leagues #

The Tezos network boasts several key value propositions for a wide array of needs and wants. Are you a creator? The NFT community in Tezos is vibrant and extremely friendly where everyone is ready to help and get you minting on Tezos… and did I mention? It’s also cheap and eco-friendly!

Are you a brand or a large enterprise? Secure and upgradeable smart contracts offer a key incentive towards longevity for security-focused entities. It’s really an amalgamation of all the best features you could possibly have for an open and distributed blockchain network.

That said, it should not be much of a surprise to learn that there’s many big players involved in NFTs on Tezos for these reasons and more. Let’s highlight a few of these major players.

Manchester United #

Manchester United has a multi-year collaboration using Tezos. With a collective fanbase of over hundreds of millions of people across the globe, the collaboration is quite large. When you’re talking about on-boarding potentially millions of new users into crypto, it needs to be as seamless as possible, and that’s why they chose to use Tezos.

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Luckily, with the help of Kukai wallet and its DirectAuth feature — fans have had the opportunity to seamlessly purchase digital club collectibles in the form of NFTs. They have launched an NFT series involving “Keys” which allowed people to mint an a PFP called “The Devils”.

Since the release of the collection, nearly 900k unique wallets have been created and secondary trading of Devils continues to grow. But that’s not all, part of the collaboration also includes branding on the club’s training kit — exposing the Tezos logo on team member uniforms to millions of fans across the globe.

If that’s not enough, there may be even more developments in store per Manchester United’s press release.

In addition to the Tezos branding on the Club’s training kit, the partnership will also include several new fan experiences built on the Tezos blockchain and a pledge to support Manchester United Foundation with ongoing donations in tez, the native currency of the Tezos blockchain, to train, educate and inspire young people within the local community.

Ubisoft #

Ubisoft is making use of NFTs in the form of “Digits” for its Ghost Recon Breakpoint game. The NFTs utilize the Tezos blockchain in which they are stored and based upon.

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Traditionally, in games you have to go through a marketplace to buy items and gear. One you purchase those items and gear, they live in the game and if the game disappears, so do those items and gear. The cool thing about Ubisoft Quartz and digits is that they enable these in-game items and gear to be fully-owned by the players and transferable. If the game ever disappeared, your NFTs will still exist.

Have you ever played a game and got upset when it came time to update it and you ended up losing all your data? With digits, the items and gear you accumulate live on the Tezos network and are easily and forever transferable. If you wanted to, you could even sell them to other players or list them on secondary marketplaces like Rarible or Objkt!

This is just one of the numerous ways Tezos is being used to create immersive fan experiences. To learn more about the collaboration, check out my article.

CCP Games #

If you’ve ever played any online games, you’re likely familiar with CCP games. Did you know that they have used the Tezos blockchain for NFTs?

During EVE Online’sAlliance Tournament XVII, players commemorated their achievements during the tournament with unique ‘Kill Certificates’. If you were able to score a the final shot in a match, a minted NFT was distributed to your showcase.

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The cool thing here is utilizing NFTs as accolades and achievements. Being an Xbox fan myself, one of the first things other players see when they click on your profile is your gamer score. Your gamer score is calculated by your different in game achievements which can have different values, and once you reach certain thresholds, those achievements are unlocked for you to be able to show case to the world.

In the case of competitive online tournaments, this particular use case makes a lot of sense. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt a unique achievement and better yet — even be able to sell it for money.

The full collection is available on OBJKT for trading even if you missed it!

Misfits Gaming #

If you haven’t heard of CCP games, perhaps you’ve heard of one of the most popular E-Sports teams. Did you know that Misfits Gaming has created a blockchain arm to dive head first into Tezos NFTs?

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Block Born is a gamified platform in the Tezos ecosystem. Block Born was born from Misfits Gaming, a well-known E-Sports organization with a reach of over 70 million people and partnerships with the likes of Intel and Ellesse to name a few.

If you’re building a Tezos-based game, Block Born has a $10M incubator fund to help support and give all the tools you need for your game. So far, Block Born has released bounties and battle passes for popular Tezos based games like Circuit Breaker and Might’n Mow’em.

Essentially, there is a tiered reward system for players who play games and complete specific challenges. Once those challenges are completed, the players are rewarded.

This is just one of many unique approaches to taking blockchain gaming and making it fun in the form of quests and in-game achievements.

Cleveland Cavaliers #

If you’re an NBA fan, you’d probably be shocked to know what the Cleveland Cavaliers team has used Tezos for NFTs.

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When the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers launched their “My Cavs Locker NFT Experience”, they used the Sweet NFT platform. On the platform, the numerous Cleveland Cavaliers NFTs are Tezos based tradable collectibles.

Featured collections include items such as a “Cavs United Gold Pass” allowing holders to gain access to exclusive perks, in-arena fan experiences and more throughout the 2022-23 season.

Which ever way you want to chop it, that’s a decent amount of exposure from one of the most popular NBA teams.

Looking Forward #

As we can see, there are some heavy hitters that are using Tezos for NFTs. From blockchain-based gaming, the NBA, and one of the largest football club in the world — these are just a few of the many examples of real world adoption we’re seeing within the Tezos ecosystem. As Tezos continues to evolve and grow, there is no doubt the landscape and entities apart of it will grow in conjunction and bring blockchain to the masses.