Tezos x SXSW 2022: Rédouane Ramdani of Snipfeed

Find out why the Snipfeed CEO wants to free creators from big tech.


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Snipfeed is a one-stop-shop for creators to host and distribute their content and easily create monetization streams from within their existing social platforms.

We caught up with Snipseed co-founder and CEO, Rédouane Ramdani, at South by Southwest to talk about why social media is ‘the new main street’, what it means to free creators from big tech, and why Snipseed chose to partner with Tezos to build ‘Shopify but for content’.

You’ll find some key quotes below, and you can watch the full video at the top of this article.

On why the NFT experience needs simplifying:

So the problem right now is that we are going to see a creator and they’re going to tell you, “Oh, buy my NFT,” and you have to go to 10 different platforms. […] We want it to be a two-click experience from you seeing a story about the NFT and buying actually the NFT directly, without having to leave Instagram, TikTok or whatever platform you might be using.

[…] We’re really trying to serve a population that’s not necessarily aware of what crypto is and how crypto works. And that’s why for us making the experience as easy as possible is super, super important at Snipfeed.

On the importance of freeing creators from big tech platforms:

Creators want to be independent, not only from social platforms. They know it’s where everything’s going to happen, but they also don’t want to be dependent on Meta or on TikTok or whatever platform. They want to be really free. And so for us, the future I think is also going to be around social tokens. I think that’s really the right way for a lot of creators to build their communities and to create a win-win game.

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