Taking a Closer Look at On-chain Activity on Tezos

Despite the 'crypto winter', Tezos is thriving.


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Taking a Closer Look at On-chain Activity on Tezos image 1

With the crypto industry going through one of its periodic phases of contraction, it’s easy to forget how much activity there is in the space. And nowhere is this activity more obvious and impactful than on Tezos.

William McKenzie of has been taking a look at the current state of the Tezos network, and he’s pulled out some key statistics showing that, despite the much-discussed ‘crypto winter’, Tezos is thriving.

July was a big month in terms of development and adoption with Tez-Dev, USDT going live on the Tezos network, and the introduction of protocol Kathmandu - William McKenzie

The number of contract calls on Tezos jumped significantly in Q3 of 2021, peaking at more than 6M in January 2022. While that peak has yet to be exceeded this year, Tezos still saw more than 4M contract calls last month, a roughly 64% increase year over year (YoY) compared to the same month in 2021. New contract deployments are also very healthy, peaking at 11,887 in July (+308% YoY), thanks to several factors, including the first ever Tez/Dev event in Paris, and the deployment of , the 11th Tezos protocol upgrade.

Check out McKenzie’s article for a more detailed breakdown, and if you can’t get enough of Tezos statistics, you should bookmark thestackreport.xtz, where you’ll find a variety of reports and dashboards covering on-chain activity across the Tezos ecosystem.