Tezos at Consensus 2024: Highlights and Takeaways

Catch up on Tezos’ key moments during Consensus 2024.

Originally published at Tezos Commons blog

By Cryptonio.tez


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Tezos Consensus

Consensus 2024, one of the most anticipated events in the blockchain industry, brought together innovators, enthusiasts, and leaders from across the globe, and of course, Tezos couldn’t be missing!

Despite the adventurous air travel to get to Austin due to storms around the area (yes, it was terrible), the event had good attendance and teams within the Tezos ecosystem present were able to showcase its advancements, collaborations, and community spirit.

Let’s take a look into the highlights of Tezos’ participation and its presence.

The Tezos booth #

The Tezos booth was bustling with activity and energy! Strategically positioned in the northwest corner of the exhibition hall near the main stage, the booth’s sleek design, top-notch swag, and the presence of enthusiastic team members from Tezos Commons and Trilitech made it a focal point for attendees.

Visitors, both new to Tezos and long-time fans, gathered at the booth to catch up on the latest developments. They chatted enthusiastically about potential collaborations and new ways to use Tezos, showing just how much interest and excitement there is around the platform.

Swag #

Believe me when I say that the Tezos booth had some of the best swag out there! We had everything from stickers and pins to t-shirts, awesome hoodies, Tezos-branded Ledger devices, ties, and aprons.

On top of all that, attendees could also grab a POAP NFT created by Mightymoss. Out of everything, I think the Ledger devices and the ties were the biggest hits — people couldn’t get enough of them.

Arthur’s talk #

Another Tezos highlight of the event was Arthur Breitman’s discussion with Nathaniel Whittemore about the convergence of blockchain and AI, exploring how much is hype versus reality. They covered what’s real and what’s just buzz. It was great to see so many people tuning in live for the discussion. If you’re curious about Arthur’s take on the topic, you can watch the whole discussion here.

Connecting with everyone #

The ultimate goal of events like Consensus 2024 is to connect with other remarkable individuals in the blockchain space and spread the word about your project. During the event, we had the opportunity to engage with long-standing community members and introduce curious newcomers to Tezos.

We held meetings with representatives from other projects to explore potential collaborations, attended exceptional side events, and got to catch up with teams already building in the Tezos ecosystem like Everstake.

From developers and project founders to traders, artists, VCs, and researchers, we created connections with a diverse array of fascinating people in the blockchain world. Overall, I believe Tezos’ presence at Consensus 2024 was a resounding success, significantly strengthening our community and expanding our network within the industry.

The POAP NFT created by [Mightymoss](

As Consensus 2024 came to a close, it was clear that Tezos made a significant impact. From our buzzing booth and cool swag to Arthur Breitman’s insightful talk, we showed what Tezos is all about: innovation, community, and authenticity.

We reconnected with old friends, forged new relationships, and explored exciting new collaborations. And yes, we also found time to indulge in the famous Texas BBQ and tacos.

We’re eagerly anticipating our next major event: TezDev 2024 in Brussels. We are excited to bring the same energy and enthusiasm to Europe, offering even more opportunities for connection, collaboration, and innovation.

Join us in Brussels for TezDev 2024 on July 11th. Let’s build the future of blockchain together.