Tezos-based Trading Card Game Emergents TCG has Launched!

Emergents TCG has entered public beta, and is available to play now.


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The wait is finally over - Tezos-based trading card game Emergents TCG is now available to play as a public beta. The game, which is based in the Emergents Universe, was developed by Web3 comic book and gaming company , which came out of an earlier company, Coase, co-founded by Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman.

Interpop was founded by Coase alumnae Brian David-Marshall, a well-known and respected figure in the gaming community, with the goal of creating experiences that combine the best aspects of traditional comic books and trading card games like Magic: The Gathering with an online, virtual experience.

Like traditional paper-based trading card games, Emergents TCG players actually own the cards they play with as NFTs, and can trade them on the secondary market. But because they’re digital assets, the cards can be upgraded and customized (and you can’t put them through the laundry by accident).

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If you want to design your own Emergents TCG card, a contest is running right now on Interpop’s Discord

Emergents TCG is available to play now as a public beta. Be sure to mark your calendar for a couple of upcoming events too: On August 15th, the team at Tezos Commons will be talking to Brian David-Marshall on TezTalks Live, and on August 18th the whitelist pre-sale begins of the Emergents TCG Super Booster drop, which will be packed with promo cards and bonus content. In the meantime, if you fancy your hand at designing your own Emergents TCG card, the Emergents TCG Design-a-Card contest is now live on Interpop’s Discord.