Meet Vladimir Zarechnev, Co-Founder of Baking Bad

The Baking Bad team met at university, and how they're one of the most important developer teams in the ecosystem.


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Vladimir Zarechnev, co-founder of Baking Bad

In the latest edition of Tezos Commons’ occasional ‘Profiles in Tezosness’ series of Community Spotlight articles, Stu Elmes spoke to Vladimir Zarechnev, an early Tezos adopter, and co-founder of , one of the most important developer teams in the ecosystem.

The Baking Bad team met at university in Moscow, and has actually been together for more than ten years, focusing first on mathematics and cryptography before concentrating on creating development tools for Tezos. Baking Bad was the name of the first tool that Zarechnev’s team built for Tezos, a staking rewards auditor, before becoming the name of the group itself.

In an in-depth interview, Zarechnev gives an overview of Baking Bad’s mission and work, and explains what drew the team to Tezos:

We are passionate about Proof-of-Stake technology, we believe that blockchains should work cleanly and not consume as much energy for mining as it happens with the Proof of Work principle. In addition, we are amazed at how many interesting projects are being created in the Tezos community. The professional level of the developers and the quality of the tools are next level compared to other networks. We believe that the community develops the blockchain, and not vice versa. - Vladimir Zarechnev

Baking Bad is currently focused on scaling its indexing solutions to meet the needs of the Tezos blockchain as it grows. Asked for his opinion on the most important problem still to be solved in order for Tezos to reach mass adoption, Zarechnev identified a ‘lack of products and liquidity in DeFi’:

A serious amount of liquidity needs to be created in order to attract more developers, users and investments in products on Tezos. This will support the growth of the community. - Vladimir Zarechnev

For a detailed overview of Vladimir Zarechnev’s background and the work of Baking Bad, check out Stu Elmes’ full interview at Tezos Commons.