Tezos Community Spotlight: Victoria West

An artist and portrait photographer by trade, Victoria has managed to carve out a successful digital (and real-world) niche for her work.

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By Stu Elmes


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If there is one all-encompassing message I’ve tried again and again to get across in my writings about Tezos, it is this: the Tezos ecosystem is chock-full of talented and fascinating people. These talented and fascinating people are building some of the coolest, most innovative tools and applications in the blockchain world. As far as the amazing ongoing evolution of the Tezos ecosystem is concerned, that’s a very good thing.

There’s just one problem…

With so many dynamic individuals now plying their various trades in the Tezos ecosystem — and more joining our heaving ranks every day — it’s all too easy to lose track of exactly who’s who and what’s what in this thriving community.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to dive in and get to know the fabulous folks dedicating their precious time and energy to advancing the Tezos cause, and to shine a spotlight on the awesome projects they’re working on. Of course I can’t possibly cover them all, but I do my damnedest.

In this edition of the Tezos Community Spotlight, I had the exciting opportunity to sit down with Victoria West, artist, photographer, Tezos enthusiast, Web 3.0 community builder, and newly-minted Tezos social media personality.

If you follow the comings and goings of the Tezos ecosystem closely, or if you’re an avid consumer of Tezos-related content, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Victoria West. She’s the host of TezTalk (Not quite TezTalks, but close!), the weekly livestream Twitter space featuring the amazing people and projects of the thriving Tezos digital art community. She’s also a successful digital/NFT artist in her own right, minting and selling her works here in the Tezos ecosystem for more than 2 years as of this writing.

An artist and portrait photographer by trade, Victoria has managed to carve out a successful digital (and real-world) niche for her work. Now, as an exciting new voice for Tezos’ rapidly-expanding NFT-driven digital art community, Victoria is looking to pass on what she’s learned and help bring much-needed attention to the many exceptional artists now doing their thing here in the Tezos ecosystem.

So let’s zoom in together, get down to brass tacks, and find out exactly what makes this dynamic digital art thought leader tick…

Profiles in Tezosness: Victoria West #

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Stats #

Name: Victoria West

Title: Master Photographer, NFT Artist, Twitter Spaces Host

Home: New Brunswick, Canada

Superpowers: Confidence. Gift of Gab. Ethics.


Victoria West is a multi-talented artist whose work reflects her deep-seated passion for activism and storytelling. With a painterly aesthetic, she meticulously crafts every aspect of her photography and digital art, from composition and lighting to post-production editing. Utilizing the latest AI techniques, Victoria has pushed the boundaries of her craft to bring her unique vision to life.

Born in Nova Scotia and raised in New Brunswick, Canada’s Maritime region, Victoria West holds a Masters of Photographic Arts through the Professional Photographers of Canada. She made history by winning the Portrait Photographer of the Year award for three years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021) from the Professional Photographers of Canada. Her work has also received international recognition with top finishes in the WPPI and WPE competitions, as well as a Bronze Medal in the 2019 World Photographic Cup.

Victoria has been operating in the blockchain / NFT space since March of 2021, when she identified these emerging technologies as a powerful new medium for artists to market and sell their work. After experimenting with digital art and NFTs numerous blockchain ecosystems, Victoria found her digital home on Tezos in 2021. In the Tezos ecosystem, Victoria found the welcoming community and philosophical alignment she’d been looking for. This soon led to the creation of Victoria’s regular Twitter Space show, TezTalk, where Victoria filled the need for an engaging and entertaining interactive social media platform to promote artists and projects in the Tezos ecosystem.

What does Victoria have to say about her experience in the Tezos ecosystem and her part in the amazing growth of the Tezos digital art/NFT community?

Let’s ask her…

A Quick Q&A with Victoria West: #

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1) What can you tell us about your journey into the Tezos ecosystem and art community so far? What’s it been like to dive into this world?

I joined the Tezos ecosystem in March 2021, just as Tezos NFTs were starting to gain traction. In the beginning, I found myself intensely focused on acquiring as much knowledge as possible about the ongoing events, the technology involved, grasping the ideas of cryptocurrency and decentralization, and exploring the innovative concept of Web 3.0.

I then started hosting Clubhouse rooms to engage with fellow artists minting on Tezos. From there, we collaboratively learned, onboarded, and cultivated the culture. This has since evolved into Twitter Spaces, and now, two years later, I have forged strong friendships and persist in driving growth and development in the community.

The experience has been transformative and rewarding, significantly influencing the direction of both my professional and personal aspirations.

2) How have digital art, NFTs, and the communities that make them go changed during your time in this space?

The initial sense of volatility and frenzy has evolved into a more cyclical and calmer atmosphere. The bear market has filtered out much of the noise, leaving behind a resilient community of creators and artists committed to long-term growth. The maturation of the community is a positive development that I’m happy to witness.

3) Why did you think the Tezos ecosystem needed a show like TezTalk? What was your goal when you started out?

Twitter serves as the primary social hub for the NFT community. It’s crucial for artists and collectors to be aware of where they can locate our community, exchange information, and establish connections. I believe we provide a more sophisticated alternative to the stereotypical “crypto bro” image associated with NFTs. It’s our responsibility to ensure that people understand the NFT space encompasses more than just profile pictures and decentralized finance.

4) What’s your vision for the future of digital art and artists here in the Tezos ecosystem? Where is this all headed?

I see the Tezos community continuing to expand, attracting more artists and collectors due to its low transaction fees, affordable art and welcoming community.

Better tools and platforms are already emerging that will empower artists to create, innovate, sell, control, and showcase their work in unprecedented and exciting ways. Metaverse platforms and virtual reality are opening up new opportunities for artists to produce immersive experiences and redefine creative boundaries.

I see the Tezos community focusing on education and outreach, helping more artists understand the benefits of blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralized finance. This will contribute to the mainstream adoption of digital art and attract a wider audience to the Tezos ecosystem.

Ultimately, I believe the Tezos ecosystem will be at the forefront of the digital art revolution, providing artists with the tools, support, and community needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

5) What advice would you give to an artist who was interested in making a move into the Tezos NFT ecosystem and economy?

Begin by discovering your community, forging connections, and learning from others. Be patient, concentrate on long-term goals, and recognize that beyond immediate sales, we are establishing the groundwork for the digital art renaissance.

With the global digital art / NFT space becoming more crowded by the day, Victoria West’s tireless work shining a spotlight on the exciting developments across the Tezos digital art and NFT space have proven to be invaluable to the continued growth of this important community. And, as Tezos continues to stake its claim in the Web 3.0-driven world of tomorrow, we look forward to many more impressive contributions from Victoria and her team in the months and years to come.