Strengthening the Tezos Community: Warsaw, Poland 2024

Between February 15 and 23, a team from Trilitech brought Tezos into conversations across several Web3-focused events in Warsaw. Here’s a roundup of what happened.

By Isobel Weston


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Spotlight Tezos Poland Recap

During February 2024, several members of the Trilitech team headed to Poland for a series of events where they promoted the Tezos blockchain. This blog highlights the importance of community building to the Tezos ecosystem. Our participation in events like Degen House’s Hackathon and the CCConference by KryptoEkipa, strengthened the Tezos community, attracting more developers and blockchain enthusiasts to join and build with us.

The sponsorship of the Degen House events was just one way Tezos adoption teams participated in a series of events in Warsaw, Poland from February 15th to 23rd. The Trilitech team joined to network, deepen ties with the web3 community in Poland, and educate about building on Tezos.

Their efforts to facilitate the hackathon resulted in several innovative and value-adding projects being developed and deployed on Tezos. This initiative reflects the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and community that defines the Tezos ecosystem.

Read on for the highlights of their week in Warsaw.

Bringing Tezos to the CCConference #

Trilitech participated in the Crypto Community Conference, aka the CCConference hosted by KryptoEkipa. This popular event included lectures, AMA sessions, and opportunities to meet project teams and experts in the Web3 space including those within the Tezos ecosystem.

One of the highlights was a presentation by Trilitech Developer Advocate, Beata Lipska, who discussed the innovative features and promising prospects of Tezos. Next, Mateusz Nowakowski, a member of Trilitech’s adoption team, elaborated on this theme by discussing current Tezos use cases, and highlighted what’s happening out in the wild.

To round up the event, Beata Lipska took part in a panel discussion about the importance of ecosystems in web3, where she shared her expertise and discussed how interconnected networks help grow the industry.

Participation in DEGEN HACK #

Degen House’s hackathon, DEGEN HACK was a blend of conference and hands-on development focused on real-world applications of blockchain technology. The event attracted over 250 participants, including developers, founders, and dApp enthusiasts exploring various blockchain tracks. Notably seven projects built on the Tezos Network were submitted in just two and a half days, but there could only be three winners.

The winners #

Bounty #1 - Innovate Tezos developer tooling #

Bounty #2 - Leverage Tezos to innovate within the NFT space #

Bounty #3 - Open project to build on Tezos Layer 1 #

We had a blast at the degen hack conference and hackathon! #

We welcomed developers and creators from all corners of the digital universe as well as on-site in Warsaw and extend a big thanks to everyone who took part.

Beata Lipska introducing the winners

As Beata Lipska describes, judging was no easy task:

“The projects presented during the hackathon really gave us a tough nut to crack: which project should win?

…We debated for quite a long time, each project was very strong, but the main prize was unanimous, after Claude Barde exclaimed, “Finally, someone has done something we’ve been thinking about for a long time!” And thus, Developer Tooling gained a new acquisition".

What’s next for our bounty winners? Watch this space, and good luck to all participants as Beata Lipska exclaimed:

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the development of all the projects!”

Blockchain Girls Meetup #

The Blockchain Girls Meetup was a space for women to network, share insights, and forge meaningful connections within the Web3 space. The purpose of the gathering was to inspire the next generation of female tech leaders to launch careers in Web3 technical roles, and break down barriers to entry.

Sylwia Chmurowska led a panel discussion on starting a career in web3 after which Beata Lipska conducted a workshop on blockchain explorers. As she reflected on the event:

“Participating in the Blockchain Girls meeting, talking about how I entered the web3 world, I realized that I am also a blockchain girl, and that is a great reason to be proud.

I’m proud that Polish women organize meetings like the one where I was a panellist, in order to educate other women and gather around ideas that are universal and simply good. I met a lot of people with whom I resonate and we have a lot in common.”

Tezos for Students Meetup #

Student and computer science majors were able to participate in hands-on activities and technical discussions about the Tezos blockchain at the Tezos for Students Meetup. Institutions in attendance include Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza w Krakowie, Military University of Technology, University of Silesia in Katowice, and the SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

Developing relationships with top technical universities in the region was an opportunity to cultivate a new generation of talent within the Tezos ecosystem.

Join us at the next event #

Our time in Poland has come to an end, but the legacy of innovation and collaboration continues thanks to new partnerships, ideas, and an amplified community. We extend our gratitude to all visionaries, innovators, and enthusiasts who joined us in Warsaw and look forward to our next visit.

As we look to future community building endeavors, stay updated on upcoming events and announcements by following Tezos on Twitter.