Tezos Homebase Introduces 'Lambda DAOs'

With Lambda DAOs, the Homebase template repository is expanded to enable greater customization of DAOs.


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Homebase is an important platform on the Tezos blockchain, offering an easy-to-use solution for projects that wish to create their own DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAOs open up opportunities for communities using Web3 to organize and manage projects from the ground up, in a decentralized way.

Homebase is a web application that enables users to create and manage/use DAOs on the Tezos blockchain. This application aims to help empower community members and developers to launch and participate in Tezos-based DAOs. -

and dOrg have jointly announced the introduction of what they are calling ‘Lambda DAOs’. In their recently published article, Tezos Commons defines a Lambda DAO in the following way:

A Lambda DAO is essentially a custom DAO structure that allows members to submit proposals to interact with smart contracts, injected as lambdas that can execute arbitrary contract calls, similar to Gnosis Safe. Users will be able to have their DAO evolve over time, and interact with new smart contracts and various dApps as their needs change. - Tezos Commons Medium

Homebase has always provided users with a template for governing various DAO parameters, making it easy to manage a treasury of resources or a registry allowing you to govern arbitrary smart contracts, curate market places, and more. But with the introduction of Lambda DAOs, this template repository is expanded in scope to offer greater customization of DAOs, and enabling evolution of their projects. This allows for the decentralized execution of arbitrary functions, in much the same way as the Tezos protocol itself handles governance.

To learn more about Lambda DAOs, check out the recent article published by Tezos Commons here.