Tezos Gaming Monthly | June 2024

Dive into the latest updates in Web3 gaming on Tezos. Discover new games, partnerships, and an explosive growth of 558% surge in active gamers.


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Tezos Gaming Monthly June Blog

Welcome to the June edition of Tezos Gaming Monthly, your ultimate source for the latest happenings in the Tezos gaming community.

June brings exciting updates for Tezos’ rapidly growing gaming ecosystem, which saw a staggering 558% increase in active gamers in Q1 2024. Keep reading to discover the developments, from to partnerships driving this activity.

Let’s dive in.

Tezos gaming explodes: 558% surge in active gamers #

Tezos has seen a significant increase in gaming activity, as reported by blockchain analytical firm Messari. A 558% rise in active gaming addresses quarter-over-quarter, reaching 97,000 in Q1 2024, demonstrating a growing interest and participation in gaming applications on the Tezos platform.

Social gaming hub CoinBlast’s debut game, Trivia Cash, recorded 36,000 peak active users in January 2024, becoming the first Tezos-powered game to make the DappRadar Top 50. The full report is available here.

Leading global mobile gaming publisher building on Tezos #

TapNation, a major mobile game publisher that helped 100+ game developers publish their games and generated over 1 billion downloads, has partnered with the Tezos Foundation. It is currently working on a mobile game built on the Tezos Blockchain.

Dragon Ninja launched an AI-driven roguelike game #

Dragon Ninja is a Web3 AI-driven mobile roguelike game replicating the success of (Web2). In the Dragon Universe, Dragon Star is a mystical homeworld where Dragon Ninjas and Dragon Knights must unite to thwart the Interstellar Dark Forces, recover the stolen Dragon Balls, and safeguard their realm against interstellar adversaries while forming alliances with beings from diverse worlds.

Heroes of Holdem launched on Tezos #

In Heroes of Holdem, players collect cards representing Heroes, Minions, abilities, and equipment to participate in strategic events, battles, and trading in a custom marketplace. It combines Texas Holdem with collectible card and fantasy RPG elements, allowing for unique character combinations and infinite gameplay possibilities.

Baking Bad showcases Tezos Unity SDK #

Baking Bad, a leading blockchain development company, has released a new sample game to demonstrate how developers can leverage Tezos, the Tezos Unity SDK, and related tools for large-scale game development.

The third-person shooter game allows players to battle demons using weapons and power-ups. Play the game via this link or read this blog post to learn how to build games with Tezos and the Unity SDK.

Second Tezos Gaming Megaspace #

During the second of a three-part Tezos Gaming Megaspace, speakers discussed the impact of the ETH ETF on Web3 gaming. The live event attracted 17,000 viewers, surpassing the first. Notable guests included Elizabethofyou and representatives from Star Symphony, Emerge,, Bombus Studio, and the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA). You can listen to Episode 1 and Episode 2 on X.

Ecosystem update #

Until next time! #

What a month! Gaming on Tezos has skyrocketed, with major gaming partners choosing to build in the Tezos ecosystem. As development in gaming continues, stay tuned for the updates in next month’s edition, and keep exploring the vibrant world of Tezos gaming.

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