Tezos Grants Roundup | April 2024

From gaming to data on-chain certification, check out the projects that received grants from the Tezos Foundation in April.


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Tezos Grant Roundup  April 2024

The Tezos blockchain’s strength lies in its community of builders and projects that continuously push limits and add value, and it’s a core tenet of the Tezos Foundation’s mission to support this community.

The Tezos Foundation grant program aims to offer support to the most promising projects across a variety of areas, from gaming and DeFi to arts and culture.

April 2024 grantees #

Here are the grantees that have been announced throughout the month of April:

Sugar Gaming, Sugarverse #

Sugar Gaming is a Bulgarian game studio founded in 2022 by the founders of XS Software. With a pool of more than 60 million gamers from previous projects, Sugar Gaming aims to transition them into Web3 gaming. This will be done through email marketing campaigns and in-app notifications for all games developed by XS Software.

They are creating Sugarverse, a five-game saga. The first is Sugar Match, a Web3 PVP Match-3 mobile game inspired by the successful puzzle game Match Masters. Players can trade Sugarbear NFTs within the game to obtain abilities that match their gameplay preferences, enhancing their likelihood of success in player-versus-player (PVP) matches.

MetaPals #

MetaPals is a virtual pet game similar to Tamagotchi Pets, played as an extension on the Google Chrome browser. It offers a growing list of iconic characters, including Teletubbies and Hello Kitty, that can be interacted with as unique NFTs across different devices. Users care for their digital characters as they grow, learn, and behave like real-life pets. These pets evolve uniquely for each user and act as their sidekick to liven up daily web interactions.

Star Symphony, Sekai Studio #

Star Symphony is a rhythm game developed by Sekai Studio. It was built on Tezos in collaboration with Guitar Hero and the CEO of Team Secret. The game has a vast network of over 20k registered players, a monthly active user base of 4k, and over 100 tracks created by the community.

Leveraging the creator economy, Star Symphony gives musicians and artists a platform to list their music as NFTs in the game. Players can then mint these NFTs, and the creators can earn up to 90% in royalties.

Pandora, Functori #

Functori secured a grant for their project, Pandora. Its main objective is to provide a secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution for certifying data on the Tezos blockchain.

Pandora is a decentralized certification platform that utilizes Tezos’ smart rollups to ensure data integrity and authenticity. By integrating data certification, Pandora aims to guarantee data immutability and transparency while simplifying the validation process with cryptographic proofs.

More to come #

These are the grant recipients awarded in the past month, and the list will continue to grow as the permanent grant initiative continues.

The Tezos Foundation’s grant program is committed to driving innovation and inclusivity within the industry, ensuring that the best ideas and founders in the industry are included in Tezos’ future.

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