Tezos Grants Roundup | May-June 2024

From innovative solutions in DeFi to cutting-edge developments in gaming, here are the projects awarded grants to fund their progress throughout May and June 2024.


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Grants Rounnd up May June Blog

The Tezos blockchain thrives on the strength of its community of builders and visionary projects that constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. Supporting this community is central to the Tezos Foundation’s mission.

Through its grant program, the Tezos Foundation aims to empower the most promising projects across various domains, including gaming, DeFi, arts, and culture. Read on to learn about the grantees awarded throughout May and June 2024:

Transak #

Transak is integrating Etherlink into its liquidity system, making it super easy to onramp any token for all partners of the Tezos chain. This new integration offers effortless user onboarding for dapps with straightforward interactions with Etherlink.

Users get access and fewer steps to get started with Tezos dapps. Developers benefit from easy integration, potential revenue boosts, and happier users. For the Tezos community, this means a stronger, more vibrant ecosystem with more value locked in.

Subsquid #

Subsquid provides a data lake solution that allows projects to batch query and aggregate data on-chain and off-chain. Etherlink support is now integrated into the Subsquid decentralized data lake! This means anyone building on Etherlink can use the Subsquid SDK to quickly build indexers and access all the on-chain data they need to run their app—completely free.

By making on-chain data from Etherlink accessible through their SDK, Subsquid equip developers with a powerful toolset to build innovative solutions on the new L2. This collaboration opens up new possibilities for scalable and efficient dapp development. Read more about it on their blog.

3Route #

3Route, This cross-DEX on-chain aggregator revolutionizing transactions offers liquidity from the most popular Tezos DEXes in one swap, with competitive prices and low slippage. Its auto-routing feature ensures cost-efficient and seamless transactions across various DEXes in the Tezos ecosystem.

Users can automatically build the best routes through Tezos DEXes and optimize their trade across several routes in one transaction. No additional fees are charged, only network fees.

Baking Bad #

Baking Bad builds and scales blockchain explorers, developer tools, and DeFi products, including the following projects:

Looking ahead #

These grant recipients are a snapshot of the bigger picture, and will expand as the Tezos Foundation’s permanent grant initiative continues. This ongoing grant program ensures that Tezos’ future is shaped by the best ideas and founders in the industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and possibility.