Tezos Grants Roundup | Q1 2024

Discover projects selected by the Tezos Foundation to receive grants in the first quarter of 2024, from digital poetry to blockchain infrastructure.


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A growing, thriving ecosystem with a robust and rich infrastructure is crucial to the long-term success of any public, open-source blockchain. Tezos is only as strong as the community of builders and projects that constantly push the boundaries and add value that, in the end, goes well beyond the sum of its parts.

Recognizing this, one of the most important responsibilities of the Tezos Foundation is to identify, support, and help fund the next generation of BUIDLers on the Tezos blockchain. It does so via a grants program that, since its inception, has helped dozens of projects get off the ground.

Each grantee is selected based on rigorous assessment of the project’s idea, team, and viability to make sure innovation never stops on Tezos.

Q1 2024 grantees #

Here’s the list of the projects that have been selected by the Foundation to receive funds in the first quarter of 2024:

theVERSEverse #

TheVERSEverse is revolutionising language art in the Web3 space by bringing together prominent poets and artists to craft one-of-a-kind poetic masterpieces.

Supporting ongoing digital poetry projects on Tezos

Grant: This grant will support theVERSEverse’s ongoing Tezos projects including POESÍA DE PROTESTA, POEME OBJKT/SBJKT, and the Allen Ginsberg Estate.

PK Lab #

PK Lab is a blockchain software development company, passionate about revolutionizing the digital space.

Bolstering infrastructure for Smart Rollups bridging

Grant: This grant is intended for PK Lab to focus on advancing the bridging infrastructure for Tezos Smart Rollups, including the development of a comprehensive simulated bridge environment for testing and validation purposes.

Layer3 #

Layer3 supports Web3 projects to reach, acquire, and retain users with powerful, interactive experiences.

Supporting the launch of Etherlink

Grant: With their grant, Layer3 will offer a comprehensive suite of services, including design, development, and launch support, for a 10-month campaign with Etherlink, an EVM-compatible rollup built on Tezos. The collaboration includes 20 quests, 10 streaks, and a stunning array of 20 quests and streak embeds that will all be available on Etherlink.

Auto Hero, Oxalus (Bombus Studio) #

Oxalus, the team behind Auto Hero, is a thrilling side-scrolling 2D platformer featuring automatic shooting. The game, developed by Bombus Studio, is currently available on Google and iOS platforms. It boasts an impressive 5 million downloads, with 120,000 monthly active users and generating $500,000 in revenue.

Bringing Auto Hero battle gaming from Web2 to Tezos

Grant - This grant will support Bombus Studio to build their Web3 edition on Tezos.


Sign-in-with-Tezos (SIWT is an open-source project seeking to revolutionise online user authentication.

Improving message signing security

Grant: Collaborating with Kukai Wallet, they are developing a TZIP (Tezos Improvement Proposal) for secure message signing. In addition, SIWT will soon adhere to Chain Agnostic Standards and provide a proof-of-concept for an OpenID Connect (OIDC) bridge, also integrated in Tezos Agora.

Blockscout #

Blockscout is an open-source, transparent block explorer trusted by over 800 networks across EVM blockchain ecosystems. It allows seamless search and verification of blocks, transactions, addresses, contracts, and more.

Providing infrastructure for Etherlink, an EVM-compatible rollup built on Tezos

Grant: Supporting mainnets, testnets, optimistic, and ZK rollups, Blockscout offers a full-featured explorer option for EVM-based chains, and their Etherlink block explorer is already live.

Looking ahead #

This is but a snapshot of the first three months of 2024, and the list will keep on growing.

The grant program is a permanent feature that will continue to ensure that the future of Tezos includes the best ideas and founders in the industry - and to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.