Tezos India Looks to Supercharge Web3 Games on Tezos with 'Game Launchpad' and New Handbook

Home to an estimated 500 million+ gamers, India represents a potentially massive market for Web3 games.


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Gaming is big business, worth an estimated $100 billion per year, but in the transition from offline games to web-based experiences, a lot of players have been left out of pocket. Web3 offers the potential for a more equitable business model, giving players true ownership over in-game objects and access to a secondary market. Gaming is a growth segment for Tezos, with Emergents TCG by Interpop perhaps the highest-profile gaming project to launch on the blockchain so far (click here to read Interpop founder Brian David-Marshall’s recent op-ed, published on Spotlight).

Last month, Tezos India unveiled its ‘Game Launchpad’, an incubator geared toward helping developers launch new gaming projects on Tezos. The launchpad was created in partnership with IndiGG, India’s biggest gaming guild, and went live in August. Developers are invited to enter their gaming projects for consideration here.

We just compiled 100+ Resources on #Web3Gaming


Designed as a 3-level Handbook, it covers

⟡ Web3 Gaming Fundamentals 🎮
⟡ Tokenomics, Community Building 🤝
⟡ List of VCs, Reports, & more 🔖

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Since the launch of the incubator, Tezos India has created a handbook for Web3 game developers. The handbook is organized in 15 sections, covering more than 100 topics, and includes resources covering everything from the basics of what free-to-play and play-to-earn games are, to a list of VCs, advice about monetization, and community building.

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