Tezos Is Now Supported On MintyCode

Discover how MintyCode’s Tezos support boosts developer activity with new financial incentives. Learn how to start using this innovative open-source platform today!

Originally published at Tezos Commons blog

By William McKenzie


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You might remember the ETH London hackathon, which took place from October 27th to 29th at the end of 2023. Tezos adoption hub TriliTech was a gold sponsor at the event. Several projects competed for prizes with MintyCode emerging as the winner in “Best DeFi” application category.

Now, fast-forward to the present. MintyCode has continued to support the Tezos community and expanded its scope to offer bounties through its platform for Tezos and Etherlink. Let’s explore MintyCode and how you can get started using it today.

What is MintyCode? #

MintyCode is a marketplace for open-source contributors, creators, and users. As a bounty platform for software developers, MintyCode allows ideas and projects to be created, discussed, and monitored amongst other contributors. It also offers financial incentives such as grants, bounties, or paid support requests.

For instance, say you want to contribute to Etherlink. You would first search on the homepage by project name. After searching “Etherlink,” you will come across several options. Pinpointing a specific area, you can submit a support request, propose a new feature, create a grant request, and see if any bounties are present.

MintyCode’s integration with Tezos aims to boost developer engagement on the Tezos platform. Developers can now submit paid support or feature requests on the platform, and the Tezos community can monitor and support those activities in real-time.

It’s worth noting that Etherlink was running a bounty program on MintyCode, which concluded two months ago during the ETH Oxford hackathon. In the next section, we will show how you can get started using MintyCode.

How can I get started? #

To get started using MintyCode, you’ll need to create an account and follow all the steps on the landing page. Alternatively, you can use a GitHub account.

Once you’ve started those steps, you’ll be asked to link some additional accounts, such as your GitHub account (if you have not already used them), Stripe, Ethereum wallet, Tezos wallet, and KYC details. You don’t need to fill in all these details immediately but bear in mind most of these will be necessary, especially regarding receiving payments.

After you’ve completed all those steps, you can start using the platform! Navigate over to the search function and explore different open-source projects. You can also view popular projects such as Etherlink by scrolling below. For example’s sake however, you can search “Tezos” and find several open-source repositories.

By clicking on a repository, you’ll be prompted several actions such as requesting support, proposing a new feature, or applying for a grant as indicated above. These are just the main methods for funding, there will also occasionally be bounties already available. For instance, we already mentioned some from Etherlink that closed a few months ago.

Outside of pursuing these funding avenues, you can also collaborate with other users and even track progress of requests in real-time via the platform! Head over to the site and get started making your first request today!

Final thoughts #

It’s pretty neat to see solutions like MintyCode’s platform offering another funding route for developers interested in building on the Tezos blockchain. One of the cool things is that the community can track and monitor these paid support or grant requests in real-time via the platform. Make sure to check out the site and make your first support or grant request.