Tezos NFT Summit 2023: 5 Key Takeaways

Tezos NFT Summit 2023 in New York City was an event focused on an area of significant (and important) growth in the Tezos ecosystem — you guessed it, Tezos NFTs.

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By Stu Elmes


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Tezos NFT Summit 2023 in New York City was an event focused on an area of significant (and important) growth in the Tezos ecosystem — you guessed it, Tezos NFTs. As it happens, I was in attendance throughout this impressive event, and I’d like to share a little bit about what the experience was like for those who couldn’t make the trip.

I’ve written before about the burgeoning digital art scene evolving in the Tezos space, as well the numerous Tezos NFT-powered games, projects, and philanthropic initiatives that have emerged here in the Tezos ecosystem in recent months, but this time, I was able to observe it in person.

I won’t bore you by recounting these again, but needless to say, Tezos NFTs and the projects, platforms, and marketplaces, they play a part in becoming important drivers of Tezos adoption and growth all across the globe.

With that in mind, the Tezos community came together for three amazing days this April in fabulous New York to take an in-depth look at the Tezos NFT landscape of 2023 and talk about where this is all headed in the days ahead.

Here are 5 things I took away from my time at Tezos NFT Summit 2023…

1) Enthusiasm Abounds #

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One of the first panels

It has not been an ideal past 18 months in the blockchain and crypto space. Amid news of blockchain brands shuttering their US operations and the ongoing fallout from the FTX debacle, and legacy media gleefully reporting on every stumble the industry experiences, wavering enthusiasm for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have become increasingly common.

For those building out practical real-world applications for NFTs here in the Tezos ecosystem, however, bullishness reigns. Spend 5 minutes talking to an artist who’s established themselves and built a career here in the Tezos space, and you’ll quickly see that enthusiasm for this technology and its game-changing promise is alive and well.

With 2 jam-packed days of speakers, panels, and events involving talented, forward-thinking people who believe Tezos can make the world a better place and are hard at work making sure that’s exactly what happens, I learned that the fire of positivity and hope for a better blockchain-driven future burns just as hotly in 2023 as it ever has.

2) The Tezos Art/NFT Community Is Flourishing #

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Victoria West’s TezArt Connect Meetup

NFT technology has opened some very important doors for an entire generation of digital artists already. What many in the digital art scene understand, however, is that we’ve really only scratched the surface of the NFT’s potential in the space.

And, with its famously low gas fees, industry-leading environmental footprint, outstanding marketplaces, and supportive while also welcoming community, Tezos has become a premiere NFT landing spot for digital artists in 2023.

From the crowds of eager young artists attending the Tezos NFT Summit in the hopes of having their portfolios reviewed by the panel of industry experts on hand at the event, to the collectors, artists, and enthusiasts who made their way to the gallery showings tied to it, it was easy to see that the digital arts scene is very much alive and well here in the Tezos ecosystem.

3) Big Things Are Happening #

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Oxhead Alpha

Tezos has had more than its fair share of fascinating and innovative use cases of late. Whether it’s California’s DMV streamlining car title/transfer processes via the Tezos blockchain (with a little help from the folks at Oxhead Alpha pictured above) or European governments using Tezos to increase transparency and trust in electoral processes, Tezos’ practical utility is beginning to yield impressive use case results. Although we are barely starting to scratch the surface, the future is extremely bright in terms of the utility that can be derived from using the Tezos blockchain.

4) Marketing matters #

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Marketing a blockchain in such a crowded marketplace with such established and recognized market leaders presents a fascinating and unique challenge for those broadcasting the message of the larger Tezos brand.

As the Tezos brand continues to grow and evolve organically and find its voice in the rapidly-shifting blockchain landscape, details matter. Putting on first-class events like the Tezos NFT Summit 2023 and inviting the world to see what this community and ecosystem are building can go a long way if such efforts are sustained.

We’ve watched Tezos branding appear astride massive entities in the world of sports and entertainment over the past couple of years, and while such efforts may not yield immediate apparent results, they have a lasting brand recognition impact that should not be underestimated for the ongoing growth of the Tezos ecosystem. This is exactly how household brands are started. It takes times and persistence, which is what we’re seeing in the Tezos ecosystem, and sooner or later, it’s all going to bear fruit.

5) Tezos Knows How To Party #

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Reception Event

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted us all in a myriad of ways. In a space like that of Tezos, where remote work and collaboration with folks from all corners of the globe is par for the course, it’s easy to lose track of exactly who is who in this dynamic community.

With restrictions lifted and the world back to some semblance of “normal”, however, the chance to rub elbows with those we’ve known only by their avatars and webcams — in some cases for years — isn’t one that any of us will take for granted again.

The Tezos community painted the town red during Tezos NFT Summit 2023, and it felt great to do so. This may be a community that takes what it’s building seriously, but it’s also one that knows how to have a good time. If we can’t enjoy ourselves from time to time, then what’s the point?


I met a lot of very cool folks during my time at Tezos NFT Summit 2023, and I can’t wait to do it all again. The Tezos NFT Summit 2023, not only had the looks and feel of being world class, everything from top down was done in a world class professional manner. If this is where the intersection between art and blockchain meet, count me in! I can’t wait for the next in person Tezos related event, and I truly believe something special is happening right before our very own eyes.

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